Claims Reporting

Woman working comparing documents with a computer sitting in a desk at officeTimely Reporting of Claims Is Crucial

Submitting notice of potential claims to MCIT quickly is critical for efficient claims management, cost control and resolution.

Reporting a Claim Is Easy

MCIT primary contacts can submit all claims through the online member portal. Members must first log in to the website to access this portal.

Members should always report losses and incidents to MCIT promptly. This protects the member’s coverage rights and ensures that the member, its employee or other claimant is paid in a timely manner when warranted.

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Work-related Injuries and Fatalities

For all work-related injuries and fatalities, members should complete and submit a First Report of Injury form to MCIT as soon as possible. Also, employers have a legal obligation to report claimed work-related injuries in specific time frames:

  • If a work injury involves death, Minnesota law requires that the employer report it to Minnesota OSHA within eight hours of the occurrence. Members must notify MCIT immediately in such a case.
  • Occupational accidents in which an employee is hospitalized, or for any amputations or loss of an eye, Minnesota law requires that the employer report it to Minnesota OSHA within 24 hours of the occurrence. Members must notify MCIT immediately in such a case.
  • Any other claimed work injury must be reported to MCIT by law within 10 days of the occurrence. MCIT requests receipt of the report within five days of the reported injury or illness in order to conduct a diligent investigation.

Minnesota law imposes a penalty of up to $500 for each delayed report, and if MCIT does not commence payments within 14 days, an additional penalty of up to 125 percent of the late payment can be assessed.

Property and Casualty/Liability Claims

Members should immediately alert MCIT to:

  • Any incident causing death or injury to the public
  • Any inmate suicide or attempted suicide
  • Knowledge of a potential claim, either directly or from a potential claimant’s legal representative
  • Any automobile loss causing injury or property damage
  • Any significant incident that could result in a claim or litigation in the future, such as the termination of an employee who is especially unhappy about the job loss, or an accident that resulted in a fatality, even if it does not appear that the member could be held responsible for the accident
  • Receipt of a written notice of claims or summons and complaint

Claim Management

When a claim or lawsuit arises, members can rely on the MCIT team, comprised of individuals with extensive experience handling claims for public entities in Minnesota:

  • Skilled claim professionals help members manage every part of the process, from initial investigation to final resolution.
  • Defense attorneys who have previous experience in defending public entities apply their skills to resolving member cases.