Create Account Instructions

To create an account with the MCIT website, just follow the easy steps below. The below process gives you rights to access all educational and informational content on the website. It does not give you access to the online claim submission area. 

If you need to submit claims, first set up an account following the instructions below. Then you will require additional rights to the MCIT site. MCIT will contact your primary, workers’ compensation or property/casualty member contact to approve your access for submitting claims. Please contact with any questions.

Create Account Process

1. At the top of any website page, click the Create Account link.

2. Complete the fields on the Account Registration form and click “Register” button at the bottom of the form. This sends your request to MCIT. Once the Register button is clicked, you the screen will display this message: “An admin will review your registration for approval.”

3. Once your account is approved by an MCIT representative, you will receive a notification e-mail. You have the option to set your password. Click the link below the text “To set or reset your password, visit the following address” to receive a password. Account setup approval e-mail with link to request password

4. Once you click the link in the e-mail, you are taken to the confirmation page of the MCIT website that states: “You should receive an e-mail shortly with your credentials and a link to log in. Please log in to the MCIT site again using your new password.”

Password Reset page directing new account users to log in once they have received a new email with the password information.

5. You will receive the password recovery e-mail to complete the account registration process that includes your username and password. You may want to change this password to something you can remember more easily. To do that, first log in to the website using the provided credentials, then follow the Reset Password process.

Final e-mail for account registration that provides username and password.