Deer Collision Prevention

Whitetail buck deer jumping fence in front of vehicles carsBecause so many MCIT member employees drive as part of their job, they are exposed to the risks of driving, including colliding with a deer. Deer-vehicle collisions can cause major damage to autos, as well as injure occupants. To help prevent and minimize these accidents, MCIT provides a number of resources for members.

For more information about how MCIT can help members reduce work-related auto accidents and injuries, members should contact their MCIT loss control consultant by phone or e-mail (but not while driving please).

Deer Collision Awareness and Prevention Materials

Man and woman look at each other in a car holding coffee cups while a deer is in the path of the car. Text: Oh deer! It's that time of year. Be alert for deer while driving.
Oh Deer! It’s That Time of Year. Be alert for deer while driving.

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Lockscreen Image

Deer jump across road while an image of a scanner highlights them
Scan for Deer. Slow down.

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Lockscreen Image

Deer appears in front of a passenger vehicle in the middle of the road. Text: Drive through the deer.
Drive Through the Deer (general audience)

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Deer in middle of road in front of a law enforcement vehicle. Text: Drive through the deer
Drive Through the Deer (law enforcement audience)

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Wrecked law enforcement squad car with deer on pavement. Text: Slow down. You can't help if you don't get there.
Slow Down. You Can’t Help If You Don’t Get There. (law enforcement audience)

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Quick Take on Safety:
Deer-vehicle Collisions

A short training script
and employee handout

Tips for Using Awareness Materials

  • Wall posters: Hang these near exits for fleet vehicles or employee parking lots, or within departments where employees are likely to drive as part of their job responsibilities
  • Lockscreen images: These are designed to be used as the lockscreen background for computer monitors or laptop screens when users are required to enter their password to gain access to the device. Members should work with I.T. to set the image for select department computers and to ensure the change is within the entity’s policies.
  • Quick Take on Safety: This is a short training session that can be conducted by any team leader and can be customized for each team’s needs

Short Animated Video

Using humor, this 30-second animated video reminds employees about staying alert for deer while driving to help avoid collisions.

Easy Distribution of Animated Video

The video is provided to MCIT member entities to distribute to their employees. Two easy ways to provide the video to employees is by posting it to the entity’s intranet site as a streaming video or by e-mailing links to the videos on MCIT’s online player to employees.