Online Defensive Driving Training

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Employees can view the online defensive driving training video individually or as a group.

Online defensive driving training is available through a partnership with the Minnesota Safety Council’s free streaming video service. This is not an interactive course. Here’s how it works:

  • Select a defensive driving training video from multiple choices.
  • Once chosen, assign the video to an individual viewer/employee with a special login. The individual has access to the video for one week.
  • The assigning person can send a quiz to the viewer. This can serve as both a tool to show understanding of the material and give proof the video has been watched and offer a record.

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How to Access Streaming Defensive Driving Training Videos


The person assigning the training video must have both a login and password for the Minnesota Safety Council website and access to the streaming video website. Instructions are included below. If the user has already opted in to using the streaming video service, proceed to “Choosing a video.”

  1. Streaming Video Website Login
    1. Send a request to join the streaming video service and your contact information to Bridget Kelly at the Minnesota Safety Council at 651.228.7307 or
    2. Kelly sends a username and password to you to log in to the training video site.
  1. Create a Watch List and Choose Videos
    1. Click on Members Only in top right of
    2. Click “Stream a Video” link.
    3. Log in to the video streaming site with the username and password provided by the Safety Council.
    4. Create a watch list by clicking on the account button in the top right and then choose “add a watchlist.”
    5. Choose a name for the watch list and click “create.”
    6. Once you have a watch list, use the “find videos” tab near the top left of the screen to search for videos.
    7. In the dropdown menu of categories, select “safety,” and then choose “driving.” This takes you to several options for driving safety videos.
    8. Choose a video, and assign it to a watch list using the dropdown list of watch lists and the “add to watchlist” button. You can download the leader guides for a quiz, answer key, and/or a list of key points from the video.

NOTE: Clicking on the “add to watchlist” button, prompts a box asking if you are sure you want to rent the title. Click “Yes,” as you have unlimited no-cost rentals.

  1. Assign a Viewer to a Watch List
    1. Under the account tab near the top right of the screen, select “Viewers.”
    2. On the viewer tab, you have the option to “Create Viewer.” It will prompt you to enter the viewer’s first and last name, and will provide you with a unique access code the viewer can use to access the site. It also allows you to assign particular watch lists to the viewer.
    3. Enter the information and select the appropriate watch list for the viewer.
    4. Provide the viewer with the access code and direct them to The website should direct the viewer to the video after logging in.

Most Popular Videos for Defensive Driving

  • Three Keys to Safe Driving, Driving Defensively—Prepare, Anticipate & Defend (17 minutes): Focuses on defensive driving topics to help avoid accidents and prevent injuries.
  • Driving Defensively (17 minutes): Covers defensive driving topics and situations. This video has been used for MCIT member online defensive driver training in the past.
  • Choices: Safe Driving (23 minutes): Offers significant information about distracted driving and choices drivers make to keep themselves and others safe. This was developed for California drivers, so some of the laws and regulations may differ from Minnesota.

Frequently Asked Questions About Defensive Driving Streaming Video

Q: Is there a charge for accessing videos?

A: No. The videos are streamed on demand and at no charge as part of Minnesota Safety Council membership. Safety Council membership is provided as part of your organizations’ membership in Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT.)

Q: Are the videos interactive?

A: The videos can be paused, advanced or rewound at any time but are not part of an interactive e-learning course (learning management system).

Q: Can I track if someone has viewed the video electronically?

A: Not with the current system. However entities can purchase from the Minnesota Safety Council access to an electronic learning management system that works with these and other programs. This option is at an individual member’s own expense but at a reduced member rate.

Q: How can I guarantee that employees watched the video?

A: There is a quiz for each video available by download (as part of the leader guide) that can be used to prove proficiency in the material and proof of viewing if desired. You can also create your own quiz based on the material for employees to complete after or while watching the video. It is up to the individual entity to set its own parameters if it chooses to require employees to complete a quiz.

Another option is to require employees to sign a statement saying that they have viewed the video using the downloadable form.

Q: How long does a person have to complete the video and quiz?

A: An individual video can be accessed for one week once it has been assigned to a viewer. Members have an unlimited number of no-cost rentals, so they may be assigned (“rented”) again if needed.

Q: Do I need to let MCIT know the names of employees who need to take or have completed viewing videos?

A: No. Each entity can establish its own use and access procedures to best suit its needs. All program administration is done by the entity and accessed directly through the training video Web portal.