Employees Who Work Off Site

Woman driving car, facing forward, looking through wind shield
Driving is one of the top risks for employees who work off site.

Take Steps to Help Protect Employees Who Work Off Site

Ten areas of risk generate the most questions and concerns from members regarding their employees who work off site, either full time or as a part of their general duties. Employers can help protect their employees who venture beyond the office by providing key resources and training to them.

10 Safety and Health Essentials for Employees Who Work Off Site

  1. Road safety
  2. Slip, trip and fall prevention
  3. Pets, pests and noxious plants
  4. Infectious disease and blood borne pathogens
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Patient handling
  7. Personal security
  8. Data security
  9. Employee Assistance Program
  10. MCIT resources

MCIT loss control consultants are available to assist members with the above concerns.

Discussion Items and Resources for Employees Who Work Off Site coverThe Discussion Items and Resources for Employees Who Work Off Site booklet provides a wealth of information to help members address the 10 safety and health essentials for employees who work off site. Although the book focuses on employees who work off site, the information may be beneficial to other employees.

Additional Resources

  • Defensive Driving Training is offered at no cost to MCIT members.
  • Step Wisely, a slip, trip and fall prevention program, includes hazard awareness materials, including those for hazards encountered by staff who work off site, mini training sessions and more.
  • Resource Library contains many informational articles regarding a number of safety issues and solutions. Use the Safety filter or search by keyword to find what you need.
  • Video Library has a number of training videos related to employee safety, including videos about safe driving. Members can borrow videos at no cost for up to three weeks at a time.
  • Employee Assistance Program provides no-cost, confidential counseling for MCIT member employees and their dependents for personal or professional concerns.
  • Minnesota Safety Council provides no-cost or reduced-fee services, including training classes and videos, consultation services and written educational resources. All MCIT member organizations are members of the Safety Council.
  • Minnesota OSHA Workplace Consultation provides no-cost training and inspections of workplaces to address compliance, workplace violence prevention and other concerns. This department does not assess fines.