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2019 Property and Liability Coverage Review

Jan 17, 2019, Online
2 p.m.

No fee

This one-hour live webinar highlights significant coverage changes for 2019. The “2019 Property and Liability Coverage Review” discusses coverage enhancements for:

  • drones,
  • dams,
  • data compromise and cyber liability,
  • electronic data processing equipment,
  • builder’s risk.

The webinar also answers frequently asked coverage questions and reviews how to report claims. Time will be provided for a Q&A period with presenters. The live webinar is not a full explanation of coverage.

Register Now for the Live Webinar

It is necessary that each county member have at least one representative attend the live webinar or view the recorded detailed sessions (see below). County members’ primary MCIT contacts or designees are required to sign a form acknowledging they participated in the webinar and that MCIT has provided them with opportunities to learn about coverage.

On-demand Detailed Reviews Available starting Jan. 17

Individual detailed explanations of property and liability coverage will be provided in prerecorded sessions available to view on demand starting Jan. 17 at These sessions are particularly helpful for new officials and staff.


Fees may be submitted at any time. They need not accompany your registration form. An invoice will be issued for any fees not paid by the training session date. If you require a signed voucher to submit payment, please forward it to MCIT. We do not accept credit cards.

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