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2022 Coverage Update webinar

Jan 19, 2022, Online
2-3 p.m.

No cost

Tightly cropped image of entry to traditional county courthouse against a light blue background. Text: 2022 Coverage Update WebinarThe live webinar “2022 MCIT Coverage Update” focuses on changes in coverage taking effect in 2022 and common questions about coverage. This webinar includes a Q&A session at the end.  Members may submit general questions about coverage to presenters prior to the live event at Include “question for coverage review” in the subject line.

If members cannot attend the live “2022 MCIT Coverage Update,” they can view a recording posted to Coverage Reviews at a later date.

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Who Should Attend?

The session is appropriate for all member types and is required for all county members to view.  The primary contact or designee for each county member must view the “2022 MCIT Coverage Update” and return a signed coverage acknowledgement record to MCIT acknowledging he or she participated in the webinar and MCIT has provided opportunities to learn about coverage.

All employees and officials who deal with MCIT coverage are encouraged to attend the live webinar. This may include:

  • MCIT primary contact
  • County attorney
  • Administrator/coordinator
  • Commissioners
  • Sheriff
  • Auditor
  • Risk manager
  • Entity director
  • Supervisors

Materials for the Coverage Update coming soon!

How to Join the Coverage Update

This webinar is facilitated through the GoToWebinar platform. To attend, complete the online registration form and then use the link e-mailed to you to join the event Jan. 19. MCIT recommends that you log in 10 minutes before the session’s start time to ensure that you have time for your system to connect.

GoToWebinar Attendee Tips

GoToWebinar logo shows name to right of blue flower symbolFor those who are attending a virtual event using the GoToWebinar platform for the first time or it’s been a while, MCIT recommends that you review short instructions from GoToWebinar before the event to help orient yourself to the platform. View GoToWebinar Attendee Guide …

Coverage Review Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage Review frequently asked questions are answered here. Members who have additional questions about Coverage Reviews should contact their risk management consultant. Click the questions below to show the answer.

1. Who should attend the Coverage Reviews?

The Coverage Reviews are recommended for anyone who deals with MCIT coverage. This may include the MCIT primary contact, county attorney, county administrator/coordinator, county commissioners, county auditor, risk manager, entity director, supervisors, etc.

2. Are there separate coverage review webinars for SWCDs and agricultural societies?

Yes. For 2022, MCIT is providing a recorded-only Agricultural Society Coverage Review and a recorded-only SWCD Coverage Review. These individual webinars address the most common risk exposures for these entity types. Members can access the recordings  starting Jan. 19, 2022, on this page.

3. I didn't receive registration information, but I would like to attend. How do I register?

Use the registration link provided at the top of this page to register for the live “2022 MCIT Coverage Update” webinar.

4. I am a county and must send acknowledgement of MCIT Coverage Review opportunities. Where do I find the 2022 Coverage Acknowledgement Record form?

The Coverage Acknowledgement Record is available to download during the live webinar or from this page (see above).

5. My organization is not a county government. Do I need to return the Coverage Acknowledgement Record or inform MCIT in some other way that I have participated in the webinar?

No proof of attendance is required for member organizations that are not county governments. For example, joint powers entities that are made up of county governments do not need to return the acknowledgement record.

6. Can I register on the day of the webinar?

Yes. Use the link provided above to register. Then join by clicking the link provided in the confirmation e-mail.

7. What do I do if I cannot attend the live Coverage Update webinar?

You can watch the recorded session that will be posted to this page within a few days of the live event. Just click the play button to begin streaming the video.

8. Will the Coverage Review be closed captioned?

The live event will not have closed captions, but the posted recording of the webinar will provide closed captions.

9. Do I need special software to attend the webinar?

No, but you will need to allow GoToWebinar to operate on your computer temporarily (just during the event). If prompted while logging in to the webinar, click “yes,” “grant,” “trust,” etc. to accept the download.

10. How do I submit a question during the live Coverage Update webinar?

Use the question feature in the GoToWebinar panel that appears on your screen after you have joined the session. Just type your question in the message field, then click send.

11. I registered, but how do I join the live event?

You must use the link (specific URL) sent to you in the confirmation e-mail you receive after you register for the Coverage Update (from The link is also sent in the reminder e-mails.

If you have lost or deleted these e-mails, contact MCIT Communications Manager Heather Larson-Blakestad at or 1.866.547.6516 for assistance at least one day before the live event.

12. My colleagues want to attend the webinar. Can I forward the “join webinar” link that I received in my confirmation e-mail to them?

No. Each attendee receives a unique link (URL) for the live webinar. Your colleagues must register separately to participate. Send your co-workers the registration link provided at the top of this page instead.

Fees may be submitted at any time. They need not accompany your registration form. An invoice will be issued for any fees not paid by the training session date. If you require a signed voucher to submit payment, please forward it to MCIT. We do not accept credit cards.

Cancellation Policy: Individuals registered for training sessions will not be billed for cancellations made at least one week prior to the session. Cancellations received after the deadline will be billed for the entire registration fee.