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Regional Workers’ Compensation Workshops: St. Cloud

Oct 24, 2019, Holiday Inn, St. Cloud (75 S. 37th Ave.)
Registration, 8:30 a.m.; Training, 9 a.m.-3:15 p.m.

Member rate: $65
Nonmember rate: $105

Workers' Compensation Workshops Brochure Cover shows woman holding file folder with bandages in the background
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Understanding the workers’ compensation process and what is required of the employer, employee and MCIT can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. This workshop presented in three locations during October provides the information members need to know to ensure that the claim process runs smoothly for everyone.

The workshop is designed for human resources, administrators, department heads and supervisors.

Session Topics

Overview of Claim Process: Everyone Plays a Part, presented by Andrew Essling, MCIT Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager; and Kim Barnes, MCIT Workers’ Compensation Claims Representative: This session focuses on important workflow issues to ensure that an employee’s work-related injury or illness is handled efficiently. Topics include reporting a claim to MCIT; key deadlines; roles and responsibilities of the employer, employee and MCIT; and how to compensate the employee for lost wages.

Best Practices: Conducting Effective Employee Accident Investigations, presented by Brian Doughty, MCIT Loss Control Consultant: Identifying causes of an employee’s injury is the first step in preventing future incidents. This session discusses how to conduct an effective employee accident investigation, how the investigation is useful in evaluating a worker’s compensation claim and how it can be a tool the organization’s safety committee uses to mitigate frequency and severity of claims.

Common Workplace Musculoskeletal Injuries: Recovery, Transition Duties and Return to Work, presented by Mimi Lynn, MCIT Nurse Case Manager: Musculoskeletal injuries (e.g., to shoulders, knees, back and head) are not only expensive, but can have a dramatic impact on the employee’s life. Understanding how age and medical conditions influence the employee’s recovery, tranisitional job duties or return to work can better equip the employer with efforts to support the injured worker and reduce the cost of the claim.

Ensuring an Injured Employee Remains Productive, Finding Suitable Work During Recovery, presented by Essling and Hannah Miczark, MCIT Workers’ Compensation Claims Representative: Whether an employee’s injury requires modifications to job duties or time away from work, anything the employer can do to provide the individual with meaningful, productive work within the treating physician’s recommended physical capabilities and meets the needs of the employer computes to savings. This presentation outlines benefits of developing strategies to allow employees to contribute to the organization as they recover.

What Is PTSD and How It Differs from Other Psychological Conditions, presented by Karen Clayton Ebert, MCIT Staff Counsel for Risk Control: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is distinctly different from other psychological conditions. In 2013, PTSD became a compensable work-related illness. Effective in 2019, PTSD is presumed to be work-related for first responders, assuming they had no previous diagnosis of PTSD. This discussion offers insight about when PTSD may be a compensable work -related illness.

The Importance of the Trauma-informed Workplace: Building Personal and Organizational Resilience, presented by Sand Creek staff: Whether working in law enforcement, social services or public health; appraising property; collecting property taxes; enforcing zoning ordinances; arguing a case in court; or performing any of a multitude of other duties for the organization, employees have the potential of being exposed to situations that test their resilience. This session discusses how employees and employers can prepare to address these situations before they occur and how to utilize MCIT’s Employee Assistance Program to achieve a trauma-informed workplace.



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