How to Submit a Claim

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Submitting claims through the MCIT online member portal is simple. See the instructions below.

Submit a Claim Online Quickly and Easily

MCIT requires that most claims (see below) be submitted online through the member portal. Below are instructions on how to submit a claim to MCIT using its online system. The instructions are for any type of claim: property, auto, liability, data compromise/cyber-attack, bond and workers’ compensation where the employee did not call the Workplace Injury Hotline

For workers’ compensation claims:

  • Call the Workplace Injury Hotline at 1.833.523.0277 at time of injury for situations that are not emergencies or if an employee has not already sought medical care. Learn more about the Workplace Injury Hotline … 
  • For employees who seek medical attention without contacting the hotline, submit the claim using the below process.

Note:  The online member portal automatically logs you out after 60 minutes. Your work will not be saved. You cannot log in later and complete the claim form. The system does not save partially completed forms. Internet Explorer shows a “Save Draft” button; do not use as it does not function.

Download a PDF of the following instructions for property/liability claims.

  1. Log in to MCIT website.
  2. On the home page, select Submit a Claim (center under slides).
  3. Member portal showing highlighted areas for accessing forms to submit claims
    Step 3: The red square shows where to access the forms to submit property and liability claims. The green square shows where to access the form to submit a workers’ compensation claim (a.k.a. First Report of Injury).
    You are now at the member portal dashboard, containing all claim forms, in addition to other task options.

    • If you are authorized to submit claims for more than one MCIT member, you first need to select the correct member. Then you will go to the claim forms page.
  4. Member portal shows info box when hover over task button
    Step 4: Hovering over a claim type provides more information about when to select that form.
    For assistance in selecting the appropriate form, hover your mouse over each button for information.

    • Select “Multiple” when more than one property/casualty (liability) claim arises from a single event. This allows you to report the event and the general information once and the same information will automatically populate multiple claim forms.
  5. Enter information in the form fields. The form populates with member-specific information. Complete forms as much as possible.
    • Required fields have a red asterisk (*). These fields must be completed or you cannot submit the claim.
  6. Claim form highlighting where to upload supporting documents
    Step 6: To upload supporting documents, first click “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the claim. When the page refreshes, click “Upload File.”
    After you have entered all required fields and other information as known, upload supporting documents (e.g., Nonemployee Accident Injury Report, Summons and Complaint, photographs, etc.):

    1. At the bottom of the form, there are two information boxes: first is Optional Supporting Documentation and explains the types of documents you can submit.
    2. Move to the second box and select Save and Continue.
    3. The page refreshes. Scroll to the bottom and select Upload File.
    4. Select the files by dragging and dropping or adding them from your system directory.
    5. The bottom of the following screen lists the documents that have been uploaded.
  7. claim form highlighting "complete incident" button in top right of the page.
    Step 7: Once you are done entering information and uploading documents, you must click “Complete Incident” button in the top right of the claim form page to submit the claim.
    Select Complete Incident located at the top right to submit the form and supporting documents. If you do not click “Complete Incident,” the claim is not submitted to MCIT nor is it saved.
  8. You will get a message indicating that your claim has been sent to MCIT and that MCIT will contact you about this incident.
  9. You and the member  property/casualty or workers’ compensation contact receive an e-mail that allows you to login securely to retrieve the form. This e-mail has “Secure Email from MCIT” in the subject line.
    • Open the message and select the link Click here to retrieve your secure email.
    • You then log in to the Origami Risk system, this is MCIT’s approved vendor.
      • If you have not created a log in for the secure e-mail system, do so.
      • If you have a log in but have forgotten your password, select “Forgot your password” from the bottom left of the form.
    • After logging in, your e-mail opens, and a PDF of the claim you submitted is attached.

Now you’re ready to Submit a Claim