Workers’ Compensation Medical Only Claims Representative (Adjuster)

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Workers’ Compensation Medical Only Claims Representative (Adjuster)

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General Description, Workers’ Compensation Medical Only Claims Representative (Adjuster)

This full-time position is responsible for making payments to physicians, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other associated entities for medical treatment of injured employees of MCIT members in cases where no indemnity payments are required. All payments are made within MCIT standards and industry best practices.

For a full detail of the job’s responsibilities, duties and requirements, see the Workers Compensation Medical Only Claims Representative job description.

Required Qualifications

  • High school education or GED
  • Minimum of one year of Minnesota workers’ compensation claims handling experience, preferably with a self-administered program or a third-party administrator

Preferred Qualifications

  • Two to four years of Minnesota workers’ compensation claims handling experience, preferably with a third-party administrator
  • Experience working in paperless/electronic environment

Desired Qualification

  • Familiarity with medical terminology and basic claims investigation techniques

Apply Now

  • Applicants must submit completed application (see link below) and a resume. A resume submitted without the employment application will not be considered. Resumes can be uploaded with the online application.
  • Deadline for applications: July 26, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. CDT.   

Online MCIT Employment Application

  • All job applicants must complete the MCIT Employment Application (see link below). 
  • If you have questions about how to apply or have special needs that may necessitate accommodations in the application or interview process, please contact the MCIT Director of Internal Services toll-free at 1.866.547.6516 or
  • Access online MCIT Employment Application

Online Veterans Preference Claim Form

Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT) operates under a point preference system that awards points to qualified veterans to supplement their application. Ten points are granted to nondisabled veterans on open competitive examinations; 15 points are granted if the veteran has a compensable service-connected disability as certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) or by the retirement board of one of the several branches of the armed forces.

To qualify as a veteran for Veterans Preference points, you must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien and have been separated under honorable conditions from any branch of the armed forces of the United States, and have either: 

  • served on active duty for 181 consecutive days; or
  • by reason of disability incurred while serving on active duty; or
  • have completed the minimum active duty requirement as defined by Code of Federal Regulations, title 38, section 3.12a (that is, having served the full period called or ordered for federal active duty); or
  • have active military service certified under section 401, Public Law 95-202.

Veterans preference may be used by the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran and by the spouse of a disabled veteran who because of the disability is unable to qualify.

Claims must be made on the online form (see link below) and submitted with your MCIT Employment Application by the application deadline of the position for which you are applying. You must submit the required supporting documentation to substantiate the service information requested on the form.