Member Organizations

MCIT Members Consist of Counties and Associated Public Entities

Membership is a privilege. Entities applying for membership must demonstrate they are entitled to the immunities and the tort limits offered in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 466.

Entities requesting membership must also demonstrate a commitment to risk management and loss control. MCIT reserves the right to decline membership to any entity that may pose a threat to the fiscal health of MCIT.

Minnesota counties have been and will remain the cornerstone of MCIT; however, other public entities and associated organizations are eligible for membership. MCIT membership currently consists of the following entities:

Counties 81
Soil and Water Conservation Districts 92
Agricultural Societies 55
Historical Societies 40
Sewer and  Water/Watershed Districts 37
Collaboratives 21
Housing and Redevelopment Authorities 21
Community Health Service 15
Regional Rail Authorities 11
Solid Waste Commissions 10
Economic Development Authorities 8
Community Corrections Entities 6
Libraries 6
Human Services Entities 2
Miscellaneous Entities
Total Membership (as of February 2017) 

Download a complete list of MCIT Members.