Member Organizations

MCIT Members Consist of Counties and Associated Public Entities

Lincoln County Courthouse exterior
Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust serves county governments and other associated county-level public entities, such as soil and water conservation districts, agricultural societies (fair boards), historical societies, health and human services, libraries, public safety entities, solid waste operations, etc.

Membership is a privilege. Entities applying for membership must demonstrate they are entitled to the immunities and the tort limits offered in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 466.

Entities requesting membership must also demonstrate a commitment to risk management and loss control. MCIT reserves the right to decline membership to any entity that may pose a threat to the fiscal health of MCIT.

Minnesota counties have been and will remain the cornerstone of MCIT; however, other public entities and associated organizations are eligible for membership. MCIT membership currently consists of the following entities:

County 81
Soil and Water Conservation District 84
Agricultural Society 55
Historical Society 40
Housing and Economic Development 36
Health and Human Services 26
Water Management 23
Lake Improvement District 20
Collaborative 18
Law Enforcement/Public Safety 17
Solid Waste 12
Regional Railroad Authority 11
Library 10
SWCD Technical Service Area
Health Plan
Hospital/Nursing Home
Park and Recreation
Miscellaneous Entities
Total Membership (as of  January 2021)