Board Leadership Changes for 2021

March 02, 2021
Felix Schmiesing, MCIT Board Vice-chair
Felix Schmiesing

The first order of business for the MCIT Board during its organizational meeting of the year Jan. 8 was the election of officers.

Executive Director Robyn Sykes facilitated the election of the board chair. Recognizing his tenure and experience, board members made quick work of re-electing Sherburne County Commissioner Felix Schmiesing as board chair. This is Schmiesing’s third year serving in this capacity.

The departures of Don Diedrich, former Polk County commissioner, and Dick Downham, former Cass County commissioner, left the positions of vice chair and secretary-treasurer vacant. Looking to fill these roles, the board called upon the next most tenured members to serve.

Board members cast unanimous ballots for Yellow Medicine County Commissioner Ron Antony and Stearns County Auditor-Treasurer Randy Schriefiels to the positions of Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively. This is the first time each has served as an officer of the MCIT board.

Ron Antony
Ron Antony

Committee Assignments Determined

Following the election of officers, Schmiesing made the annual appointment to MCIT board committees. Committee appointments for 2021 are as follows.

  • Claims Committee—Antony; Schmiesing; Schreifels; and alternate Don Wachal, Jackson County commissioner.
  • Personnel Committee—Antony; Kevin Corbid, Washington County administrator; Schmiesing; and Wachal
  • Governance Committee—Antony; Corbid; Jack Swanson, Roseau County commissioner; and Marcia Ward, Winona County commissioner
  • Audit Committee—Kirk Peysar, Aitkin County auditor; Schmiesing; Schreifels; and a vacant seat as of March 1.
Portrait of Randy Schreifels
Randy Schreifels

During 2021 the MCIT Board of Directors holds its regular meetings the second Friday of the month. The agenda for MCIT board meetings are posted to The agenda is posted a week before each meeting. Approved board minutes are also posted on the MCIT website.

Members are encouraged to contact MCIT Executive Director Sykes ( or 1.866.547.6516, ext. 6408) with questions regarding board or committee meetings or other board issues.

Focus of Each Board Committee

The MCIT Board of Directors has four committees that focus on specific issues facing the organization:

  • The claims committee meets with staff and defense attorneys to review claims and ratify defense strategy on large claims.
  • The governance committee meets to discuss modifications to MCIT’s coverage document, bylaws and joint powers agreement if needed.
  • The personnel committee oversees MCIT’s personnel administration, including issues related to employment, salary, benefits and personnel issues.
  • The audit committee meets with MCIT’s independent audit firm to discuss the annual audit process, reviews any issues of concern and previews the results of the annual audit prior to its presentation to the full MCIT board.

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