Coverage Reviews Available to Watch on Demand

February 04, 2019

Recordings of all 2019 MCIT Coverage Review webinars are available for viewing on demand at Members are encouraged to view these, as they address key areas of coverage and enhancements effective this year, in particular for drones, class III dams and data compromise/CyberOne coverage.

The primary contact or designee for each county member must sign a form acknowledging he or she understands MCIT coverage and that MCIT has provided opportunities to learn about coverage.

MCIT encourages county members have their administrator/coordinator, auditor, commissioners, attorney, risk manager and anyone else who deals with MCIT coverage watch the recording of the live overview webinar (which was broadcast Jan. 17).

Soil and water conservation districts and agricultural societies do not need to return the acknowledgement record but are encouraged to view the webinar specifically designed for their type of organization. These include coverage information that is tailored to the particular exposures of these organizations and are suited for those who deal with MCIT coverage.

Members can access recordings of the webinars once they are logged in to the MCIT website. A copy of the Coverage Review booklet and webinar slides are available for download from the site. Members should have the booklet/slides with them while viewing the webinar.

After watching the coverage review(s), members may address questions to their MCIT risk management consultant toll-free at 1.866.547.6516.

In-depth Reviews, Too

For those who are new to working with MCIT, particularly newly elected officials, MCIT provides a full discussion of all coverages in two on-demand videos available at

The “2019 Property Coverage Review” provides a complete discussion of:

  • all property coverages (including conditions and exclusions)
  • drone endorsement
  • data compromise/CyberOne coverage
  • employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty bond.

The “2019 Liability Coverage Review” provides full information about:

  • all liability coverages (including conditions and exclusions)
  • the land use defense endorsement
  • all auto coverages
  • workers’ compensation