First Board Meeting of Year Brings Unexpected Change

January 30, 2020

MCIT convened its organizational meeting Jan. 10. The first order of business was the election of officers.
Recognizing the tenure and experience of the existing officers, board members cast unanimous ballots to return incumbents to the roles of chair, vice chair and secretary-treasurer.

This will be Sherburne County Commissioner Felix Schmiesing’s second year leading the group as chair. Polk County Commissioner Don Diedrich and Cass County Commissioner Richard (Dick) Downham also take their respective leadership roles as vice-chair and secretary-treasurer for the second year.

In 2019, retirements and resignations of several long-term members often resulted in an empty chair. Even with aggressive recruitment efforts, the last vacancy was not filled until August.

With no changes occurring at the Annual Meeting, board members looked forward to a year of board continuity until the unexpected announcement of Kevin Corbid, Washington County Auditor-Treasurer.

Kevin Corbid
Kevin Corbid

Corbid advised he had accepted the position of county administrator and would be ineligible to serve on the MCIT Board effective Jan. 27. In response, MCIT began the process of recruiting a new board member with the goal of interviewing candidates at the February meeting. This would enable the new board member to attend the March board meeting.

Chair Felix Schmeising thanked Corbid for his service during the past six years. He said that Corbid’s experience added great value to board meetings and committees, as well as contributed to advancements in the organization.

The MCIT Bylaws allow for up to three auditor or auditor-treasurers to serve on the board at the same time. Historically, there has been at least two on the board.

With Corbid’s departure, only Stearns County Auditor-Treasurer Randy Schreifels represents this discipline. When filling a vacancy, the board considers a variety of factors, including demographics, geography, experience and the existing composition and expertise of the board to ensure the effective oversight of MCIT operations.

Committee Appointments

Given Corbid’s announcement, Schmiesing left a vacancy on two committees potentially to provide the new board member the opportunity to serve on one during the year. Thus far, committee assignments for 2020 are:

  • Claims Committee: Schmiesing; Schreifels; Ron Antony, Yellow Medicine County commissioner; and alternate Don Wachal, Jackson County Commissioner.
  • Personnel Committee: Schmiesing; Diedrich; Eric Nerness, Hubbard County coordinator; and vacant
  • Governance Committee: Downham; Marcia Ward, Winona County commissioner; Antony; and Nerness
  • Audit Committee: Schmiesing, Schreifels, Diedrich and vacant

The Claims Committee reviews reports prepared by the claims handling team concerning the frequency and severity of pending claims; reviews large losses; reviews litigation strategy; meets with defense attorneys to review claims and ratify defense strategy on large claims.

The Governance Committee meets to discuss the addition, deletion or modification of coverage. This includes the cost of coverage, reinsurance, member input, developing case law and any other factors that can influence coverage provided by MCIT. The committee considers changes to the MCIT Bylaws and Joint Powers Agreement if needed.

The Personnel Committee oversees MCIT’s personnel administration, including issues related to employment, salary and benefits and personnel policies. The committee hears employee grievances when necessary.

The Audit Committee meets with MCIT’s independent audit firm to discuss projects and workflow of the annual audit prior to the initiation of it. The committee reviews any issues of concern relative to MCIT’s financial responsibilities and reviews the results of the annual audit prior to its presentation to the MCIT Board.

Meeting Schedule

During 2020, the MCIT Board of Directors will hold its regular meetings the second Friday of the month. Members are reminded that they can find the agenda of the coming MCIT board meeting at under About MCIT tab.
The agenda is posted a week before the meeting. Approved board minutes are also posted to the website.

Members are encouraged to contact MCIT Executive Director Robyn Sykes at or toll-free at 1.866.547.6516, ext. 6408 with questions regarding board meetings, committee meetings or other board issues.