Boiler, Pressure Vessel Inspections Temporarily Suspended

May 11, 2020

Man stands in front of pressure vessel to test it.

As part of MCIT’s equipment breakdown coverage (a.k.a. boiler and machinery coverage), the provider, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), performs on-site equipment loss prevention activities and inspections required by law on boilers and pressure vessels. In response to COVID-19, HSB has advised MCIT that it has temporarily suspended routine boiler and pressure vessel inspections.

Inspections are required for the renewal of the registration certificate with the DLI’s Code Division. HSB is communicating directly with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) on behalf of MCIT members regarding delayed inspections.

The company will work with members and DLI in the unlikely event that a delayed inspection becomes a compliance issue.

HSB will continue to perform inspections due to an emergency or urgent circumstances. Members do not need to contact HSB to schedule immediate past due routine inspections.

Typically boilers are inspected each year while pressure vessels, such as air tanks, are examined every other year.

Coverage Remains in Effect

All property and equipment breakdown coverage through MCIT and HSB remains in place even if an individual boiler’s or pressure vessel’s state registration certificate expires.

When routine inspections of boilers and pressure vessels throughout Minnesota resume, the HSB inspector will contact members to schedule or reschedule the inspection. Inspectors will take all necessary safety precautions and comply with individual location requirements in regard to health and safety.

Inspectors will not attempt to perform an inspection in a facility where the member has immediate health concerns.


Members with a boiler or pressure vessel question or needing to schedule a nonroutine inspection due to an emergency or urgent need can contact HSB directly through its toll-free Inspection Hotline at 1.800.333.4677.

For further information about HSB inspections or equipment breakdown coverage, contact MCIT Director of Field Services Kevin Balfanz at or 1.866.547.6516, ext. 6446.