MCIT Board Leaders Decided for 2019

February 04, 2019
Don Diedrich, MCIT Board Secretary-Treasurer
Don Diedrich, MCIT Board Secretary-Treasurer
Dan Kuhns
Dan Kuhns, MCIT Board Vice Chair
Felix Schmiesing, MCIT Board Chair
Felix Schmiesing, MCIT Board Chair

For the first time since 2013, the MCIT Board of Directors meeting convened without a board chair. The first order of business; therefore, was the election of officers. Most pressing was the election of the board chair.

Executive Director Robyn Sykes called for nominations for board chair. Polk County Commissioner Don Diedrich quickly motioned to nominate Felix Schmiesing, Sherburne County Commissioner. After a second by Cass County Commissioner Richard Downham, Sykes called for other nominations. There were none. The board unanimously elected Schmiesing as the chair.

Prior to being elected chair, Schmiesing served as vice chair for six years. This will be his 13th year on the board, which makes him the longest-serving member. During 2019 Schmiesing also serves on the Personnel, Claims and Audit Committees.

Schmiesing’s election to chair left the vice chair position open. With a motion by Diedrich and a second by Yellow Medicine County Commissioner Ron Antony, Dan Kuhns, Waseca County Commissioner, was unanimously elected to the position of vice chair.

Kuhns has been a member of the MCIT Board since 2012. This is his first time serving as an officer. Kuhns continues to serve on the Claims Committee.

The only officer that remained unchanged was Secretary-Treasurer Diedrich, who was again elected on a unanimous ballot. This will be Diedrich’s third year in the position. Diedrich’s committee assignments have changed for 2019. He now serves on the Personnel and Audit committees.

With the election of officers completed, Schmiesing took his first official act by making committee appointments for 2019.

Claims Committee

The Claims Committee reviews reports prepared by the claims handling team concerning the frequency and severity of pending claims; reviews large losses; reviews litigation strategy; and meets with defense attorneys to review claims and to ratify defense strategy on large claims. Members are Schmiesing; Kuhns; Randy Schreifels, Stearns County auditor-treasurer; and Antony.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee meets to discuss the addition, deletion or modification of coverage. The factors examined include the cost of coverage, reinsurance, member input, developing case law and any other issues that can influence coverage provided by MCIT. The committee considers changes to the MCIT Bylaws and Joint Powers Agreement if needed. This committee also reviews new services and products. Members are Downham; Antony; Charles Enter, Brown County administrator; and Kevin Corbid, Washington County auditor-treasurer.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee oversees MCIT’s personnel administration, including issues related to employment, salary and benefits, and personnel policies. It also hears employee grievances when necessary. Members are Schmiesing, Enter, Corbid and Diedrich.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee meets with MCIT’s independent audit firm to discuss projects and workflow of the annual audit prior to the initiation of the audit; reviews any issues of concern relative to MCIT’s financial responsibilities; and reviews the results of the annual audit prior to its presentation to the MCIT board. Members are Schmiesing, Schreifles, Corbid and Diedrich.

Board Meetings

During 2019, the MCIT Board of Directors holds its regular meetings the second Friday of the month. Members are reminded they can find the agenda of MCIT board meetings at under the About MCIT tab. The agenda is posted a week before the meeting.

Approved board minutes are also posted on the MCIT website.

Members are encouraged to contact MCIT Executive Director Sykes at or 1.866.547.6516, ext. 6408 with questions regarding board meetings, committee meetings or other board issues.