MCIT Debuts New Logo

January 02, 2019
MCIT logo merges shape of Minnesota with elements of MCIT headquarters building
The new MCIT logo merges the state of Minnesota with elements of the MCIT headquarters building.

During its 40 years of serving counties and associated public entities, MCIT has undergone significant changes—notably construction of the headquarters in 2001 and most recently self-administration of all MCIT functions.

The evolution of MCIT has been thoughtful, and during the changes, the MCIT logo purposefully remained the same.

After 25 years, though, it was time for a logo update. The new design (see above) merges images of the MCIT building and the state of Minnesota. The building is a physical space where members come together for meetings and events, and where the work of MCIT is done on behalf of members. Also MCIT serves public entities across the state.

The new logo keeps elements from the past: the dark blue color, squares and white outline. These features combined with the modern image sends the message that MCIT respects its past but is poised for the future and all its opportunities.