MCIT Joint Powers Agreement Proposed Amendments

October 05, 2017

Pursuant to MCIT Bylaws, county members will vote on amending the MCIT Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) during the 2017 Annual Meeting. This culminates a year of review and discussion by the MCIT Board of Directors. Taking the advice MCIT gives its members to review joint powers agreements routinely, the MCIT Board asks members to adopt changes to the JPA that:

  • more clearly define the responsibilities of the MCIT Board of Directors.
  • add provisions regarding meetings of
    the board.
  • clarify the process to terminate the JPA.
  • add language on how the JPA can be amended.
  • include indemnification and hold harmless language.

These changes are being proposed to ensure the document reflects operations of MCIT relative to the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Section 471.59 and follows MCIT’s standard risk management advice.

Members can access the proposed changes here.