MCIT Presents on Jail Liability at AMC District Meetings

April 26, 2019

MCIT has once again been invited to present at the Association of Minnesota Counties’ spring district meetings. This year’s topic focuses on jail operations. Jail operations continue to be an increasingly complex and expanding area of risk exposure for counties and the staff who work in these facilities.

In response to a growing concern with the potential for jail-related losses in counties, MCIT provides an overview of litigation trends for Minnesota county jails and the role county commissioners can play in managing these risks.

AMC has a rich history of bringing members together at the conclusion of each legislative session to discuss how new laws and regulations will affect county operations. MCIT has routinely attended these meetings and has provided a broad overview of MCIT’s operations. In 2018, AMC asked that MCIT forego the traditional format and assist with raising commissioners’ awareness and role in sexual harassment prevention.

This new format allowed for a focused examination of an issue that is common to counties. The format was so well received, AMC has again chosen to dedicate time during its district meetings to discuss an emerging issue that places counties at risk of litigation.

These gatherings also provide MCIT staff the opportunity to engage members on issues unique to their county or ones that may have a broader programmatic effect on the Trust. MCIT employees always enjoy the added opportunity that these meetings offer to familiarize themselves better with local issues, and the commissioners and county staff who do the daily work of county government.