MCIT Sponsors AMC Conference Keynote Speaker

October 05, 2017

Letter from the Chair

Fellow Members of MCIT:

Once again MCIT has the honor of sponsoring the keynote speaker of the Association of Minnesota Counties Annual Conference. This year, the speaker is former Vikings player Matt Birk.

In choosing to sponsor a speaker, MCIT considers how the message advances the practice of effective risk management. Before engaging Birk, we had to ask ourselves, What does football have to do with risk management? The answer is, a lot.

The fundamentals of risk management are not so different from football. Protect your assets (offensive line), manage your exposures (defense) and achieve objectives (score). But the real similarities are in what happens in the locker room and the board room.

Every successful organization is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives. Regardless of the role—player on the field or county commissioner—each can play a key part in helping the organization succeed.

Those around us are influenced by how we use our power, impressed with our commitment to “the game,” and appreciate when our interaction with others is respectful even in the face of adversity or diverse opinions. By identifying our individual limitations and focusing on self-improvement, each of us can move the team forward and contribute to a win.

Whether we “suit up” for the game or prepare for the next board meeting, football players and county commissioners are leaders for their communities, family and teams. We are role models and examples of how things should be done.

I am eager to hear from Birk about how lessons learned in the locker room can be translated to the board room. Join me at the AMC Conference Monday, Dec. 4 at 10:30 a.m. for Birk’s keynote presentation, where he discusses how the game of football offers lessons to help each of us aspire and attain personal greatness and in doing so have a positive effect on all those with whom we interact—family, friends, constituents, employees and colleagues.


Scott Sanders, MCIT Board Chair, Watonwan County Commissioner