MCIT Welcomes New Board Members

March 02, 2021
Portrait photo of Ben Grimsley
Ben Grimsley

The last MCIT Board of Directors vacancy was filled by appointment during the Feb. 12 board meeting. Becker County Commissioner Ben Grimsley takes the seat previously held by Don Diedrich, who retired from his Polk County Commissioner position last year.

Grimsley joins Roseau County Commissioner Jack Swanson and Washington County Administrator Kevin Corbid as new board members for 2021. Swanson won election to the board during the 2020 MCIT Annual Meeting Dec. 8. Corbid was appointed at the Jan. 8 meeting as the Minnesota Association of County Administrators (MACA) representative.

Corbid previously served on the MCIT board as a county auditor until he became the Washington County administrator in 2020. The MCIT Bylaws provides for one county administrator or coordinator on the board, a seat held by Eric Nerness, former Hubbard County coordinator, until the end of 2020.

New Members Value Opportunity

Portrait of Jack Swanson
Jack Swanson

Each new MCIT board member participates in a full day of orientation to the organization and his role as a board member.

At the conclusion of his orientation, Swanson remarked: “For as long as I have been a commissioner, I have recognized MCIT’s value to counties. However, it was not until going through this orientation that I fully appreciated the history of MCIT. This program has evolved from a small staff that delivered services to members using service providers with expensive contracts to an organization that now relies on the expertise of its staff.

“This change in MCIT’s business model has allowed the Trust to more quickly respond to members’ needs with the added benefit of reducing operating expenses that saves money for taxpayers. The fact that MCIT has been able to retain 100 percent of its membership year after year demonstrates the level of satisfaction counties and other members have with MCIT.”

Kevin Corbid
Kevin Corbid

Corbid graciously accepted the opportunity to return to the board saying, “I have many colleagues within MACA who would bring great experience and perspective to the MCIT board. MACA recognizes the value of having a county administrator serve on the MCIT board. Our knowledge of the day-to-day operations of a county can inform and educate board discussions and decisions. As the MACA representative, it is also my role to ensure that administrators understand the mission of MCIT and how we can further that mission.”

Becker County Commissioner Grimsley is looking forward to his orientation and first board meeting, which is March 12.

He says, “I have a lot to learn, but I enjoy a challenge. My initial focus will be to understand how MCIT works, which means having an understanding of its finances. MCIT is a professional organization, and I am excited about having the opportunity to serve the counties and other groups that are members of the Trust.”

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