New Materials Promote Employee Assistance Program

June 27, 2022
Two fo the four new EAP posters highlight the programs benefits
New Employee Assistance Program materials offer four messages (two shown) to get the word out about the program to employees and officials.

Four new designs are available to promote the Employee Assistance Program. The no-cost items include wall posters and digital images that highlight how the service can support employees and their families.

Benefits Employees, Employers

The EAP is an important risk management tool that provides voluntary, confidential, no-cost counseling to employees, officials and their dependents for support of personal issues that may affect performance at work.

MCIT members are encouraged to promote the EAP to employees and officials throughout the year, as the service provides real benefits for both employees and employers:

  • 91 percent of EAP users report that as a direct result of the services they received, they were able to do better at work.
  • 89 percent of users feel better able to deal with their situations as a result of EAP services.
  • 30 people report that the EAP gave them an alternative to filing a grievance or lawsuit over the past five years.

Achieve Maximum Awareness with Ongoing Promotion

Awareness of the EAP builds as employers frequently provide information to employees. For maximum effectiveness, members should use multiple formats and put the message in front of employees every few weeks or months so they remember the program when they need it.

Wall posters, digital images and videos highlight key features of the EAP. The items are designed to inspire and encourage use of the service when appropriate, while emphasizing that it is easy to use, confidential, voluntary and effective.

Ideas for marketing the EAP:

  • Hang posters in areas employees frequent, such as break rooms, work rooms and near water fountains.
  • Rotate posting digital images on the intranet home page and create an EAP section on the intranet.
  • Send digital images to staff in e-mails and include links to the EAP area of the intranet.
  • Watch an EAP video during a team meeting and answer staff questions about the program.
  • Use the digital images as EAP ads in the employee newsletter throughout the year.
  • Distribute the Coaching for Supervisors flier to team leaders as a reminder that they have support for their managerial challenges.

The Employee Assistance Program Employer Promotion Guide offers more information about the EAP and ideas on how to promote it.

Learn More and Download Materials Now

Details about Employee Assistance Program services and links to promotional materials are available at In addition to posters and digital images, MCIT provides:

  • Video series covering what the Employee Assistance Program is, who can use the program, how the EAP works, how the EAP supports supervisors/managers, and that the service is for law enforcement
  • Informational brochures for employees, supervisors/managers, commissioners/elected leaders and law enforcement
  • Wallet cards that include the EAP contact number and services available
  • Flier about coaching services available for supervisors/managers

Members with questions about the program should contact MCIT Deputy Director Steve Nelson at 1.866.547.6516, ext. 6411 or

Requests for counseling services should be directed to the EAP at 1.800.550.6248.

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