New MCIT Website Launches Soon

February 27, 2023

Illustration of open laptop with a rock launching from the keyboardMCIT’s website is getting a major overhaul with a target launch date of early April, barring any technical issues. The redesign of the site will make it easier for visitors to find the information they need with improved navigation, enhanced visual organization and links to helpful information.

The site address remains, and members’ log in credentials will carry forward to the new site.

Accessing the member portal will be quicker. The new site features a button linking to the portal in the top right of every page. The member portal is where users submit claims notifications, update schedules and request certificates of coverage.

Links to related information, materials and products are included on each page of the new site so users can explore an issue more efficiently.

Close up of navigation bar on new website design, shows expansion of mega menu for About section

Navigation Meets Users’ Needs

Site information has been categorized so that visitors can quickly navigate to the information they need. Each section includes a menu with quick links to pages within that section. The new site’s sections are:

  • About: This is the home for details about MCIT, the board, staff and employment opportunities.
  • Resources: See details under “Explore All Resources in One Spot.”
  • Events: Learn about, register for and pay for MCIT training events in this section.
  • Services and Programs: The various services and programs MCIT includes in membership are detailed here. Areas covered include risk management and loss control consultation, Employee Assistance Program, Work Wisely, PATROL, speaker services and more.
  • Workers’ Compensation: This section is split into pages offering details for the employer, injured employee and health care providers.
  • Property and Liability: Summaries of all property and liability coverages are offered here.

Resource landing page for new website design

Explore All Resources in One Spot

The Resources section is the hub for finding all materials on all topics provided to MCIT members including:

  • Articles, guides and handbooks
  • Awareness campaign items (e.g., posters, table tents, digital images)
  • Videos and webinar recordings
  • Forms and checklists
  • More!

Visitors can filter their search within the Resources area by keyword, topic and/or type of item.

Check It Out!

MCIT will alert members when the site launches. Members are encouraged to take a few minutes to explore and get to know the new site.