New Safety Materials: Help Employees Step Wisely This Winter

October 24, 2022

Illustration of man slipping on snow with exaggerated surprised facial expressionUpdated Nov. 15, 2022

The winter slip and fall season is fast approaching, and MCIT will release its 10th set of no-cost Step Wisely winter slip and fall awareness materials in November. Members can download all items at

Step Wisely materials use humor and eye-catching designs to draw employees’ attention to measures they can take to prevent a slip and fall injuries, such as wearing appropriate footwear, staying on cleared walkways and using the shuffle step.

  • Annually slips, trips and falls represent a large number and significant cost of claims for MCIT and its members:
  • Such claims cost MCIT members $2.4 million each year on average.
  • Slips and falls account for about 23 percent of member-reported workers’ compensation claims and 32 percent of the costs.
  • For general liability claims reported to MCIT, slip, trips and falls represent 36 percent of claims and 24 percent of costs.

Step Wisely materials include display items, employee training materials and facility safety tools all at no cost to members. One of the keys to success is to use a variety of formats to share messages with employees and to put tips in front of staff frequently.

Easy to Get Started, Be Creative

Each county’s safety contact will receive a mailed starter packet of new materials in early November. In addition, all members can access items at or contact to order printed materials to be sent to them.

Members are encouraged to be creative with how they use the variety of Step Wisely materials. Think of where and how the organization communicates with staff, such as on bulletin boards, on the intranet, at team meetings, through e-mails, in the employee newsletter and in frequented common areas (e.g., break rooms). Remember to use one message at a time and change out the message once a month throughout the winter.

There is not just one way members can use Step Wisely items. Materials are developed so that members can fit them to the organization’s needs and circumstances.

MCIT Assists Members with Safety

MCIT loss control consultants are available to meet with members to discuss ways to help prevent slip, trip and fall incidents, particularly how to get the most out of the Step Wisely program. All members can contact their MCIT loss control consultant toll-free at 1.866.547.6516. Consultants can also assist members with other workplace safety efforts.

“More Than Posters: How to Use the Step Wisely Program for Maximum Benefit” Webinar Recording

The Step Wisely program for slip and fall prevention goes well beyond posters. It includes a variety of items, such as digital images, training scripts and videos. The key to getting the most benefit from the program is using a combination of materials in ways that best fits the members’ circumstances.

Members are invited to watch the recording of the webinar “More Than Posters: How to Use the Step Wisely Program for Maximum Benefit” to learn about the various components of the program, where to get them and ideas on how to use them. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask MCIT staff questions about the program and share ways they have successfully used items in the past.

Watch Now

Members can watch the recorded webinar at Questions regarding slip and fall prevention should be directed to the member’s MCIT loss control consultant at 1.866.547.6516.