Sand Creek EAP Acquired by AllOne Health

January 30, 2020

Sand Creek, MCIT’s long-time administrator of the employee assistance program (EAP), underwent a change of ownership in 2019. For 25 years, Sand Creek was locally owned and operated out of Stillwater, Minn., by founders Gretchen Stein and Joan Sirotiak. Although the new owner, All-One Health, is based in Pennsylvania, members will see virtually no change in the interaction and service delivery they have come to expect:

  • Sand Creek name will not change
  • Same contact number: 1.800.550.MCIT (6248)
  • No change to counselor network
  • Still operated out of Stillwater
  • Same website address:

The dedicated toll-free phone number (noted previously) remains the preferred method of contacting Sand Creek for services and questions.

Sand Creek Website Updated

Individuals who utilize Sand Creek’s website will see changes. The landing page is still branded with Sand Creek’s name, but with a new design.

Services can easily be requested by selecting “Contact” from the menu bar, then selecting “Employee/Member Intake” from the drop-down menu. Note: Once you select an option from the landing page, you are connected to pages branded with the new name AllOne Health.

All requests from MCIT members are directed to the Stillwater office for handling. Sand Creek is in the process of adding their catalog of training options (services outside the MCIT contract and available at the member’s expense) to its website.

EAP Promotional Materials

MCIT’s no-cost promotional items (brochures, posters, mini fliers) for the EAP remain up-to-date. Requests for additional brochures can be directed to Steve Nelson at