Software Conversion: Flipping the Switch

November 29, 2017

This month, MCIT will complete a multiyear project to sunset the contract with its third-party administrator, Meadowbrook Insurance Group, and assume property/casualty claims and underwriting functions. At the same time, MCIT will complete the conversion to a new, fully integrated software platform.

These decisions were made to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and improve MCIT’s ability to respond to the changing needs of the organization and the membership.

Members have seen just a small amount of this work, mainly the conversion of workers’ compensation claims notification last January. This month, however, the final pieces of the conversion will be complete.

Key Changes

  • The 2018 renewal information has been revised. The cover letter in the renewal package details these changes. The Coverage Document has been reorganized and has a new, more contemporary look.
  • Auto Coverage Identification Cards list the vehicle identification number (VIN) for each scheduled auto. This is a change from previous years and requires members to match the card to the specific vehicle. This helps ensure that all vehicles a member intends to cover are on the schedule. It also acts as a reminder to remove vehicles not in use. Auto Coverage Identification Cards are included in the 2018 renewal package.
  • Property/casualty claims must be submitted electronically by designated staff using the MCIT website starting Dec. 11. This is the same process as submitting a First Report of Injury for workers’ compensation claims. Members submitting the claim will receive immediate confirmation that the claim was submitted. The property/casualty claims handling process will mirror the workers’ compensation claims process, which became paperless in 2005 when MCIT brought this work in-house. Those who are responsible for submitting property/casualty claims can contact MCIT (1.866.547.6516 or for a website password, which is necessary to ensure access and security. MCIT will provide members with instructions about how to submit property/casualty claims electronically.
  • Schedule changes and requests for endorsements must be submitted electronically starting Jan. 1, 2018. The primary contact for each member will be provided directions for this process. Members will continue to receive confirmation of each change, thereby ensuring the schedule is current in the event of a loss.
  • The MCIT website will be refreshed to allow users more quickly to identify how to report a claim or make a schedule change.
  • The 2019 Risk Assessment has been significantly modified. The changes will reduce the amount of time necessary to complete the assessment and improve efficiency of the underwriting process. The assessment will be distributed in February.

The software conversion has streamlined many processes, which has allowed MCIT to reduce the overall number of people needed to perform this work. By bringing underwriting and property/casualty claims in-house, MCIT has needed to hire staff directly to perform these functions. In the next edition, MCIT will introduce the newest members of the MCIT team, many of whom have worked on the program in the past.

Assistance Is Available

MCIT staff can assist members and answer questions that may arise as a result of the reorganization and software change. Contact MCIT at 1.866.547.6516 or