Start Using Workplace Injury Hotline Now

June 30, 2020


Nurse Making Phone Call At Nurses Station Smiling To CameraThe new MCIT provided workplace injury hotline powered by Medcor is now available for all work-related injuries. As employees return to their normal work settings, members may see an increase in workplace injuries. This hotline is a simple and effective way to improve outcomes for employees hurt on the job, as well as serves to start the workers’ compensation claim process.

Members are encouraged to become familiar with the workplace injury hotline and educate all supervisors and employees about its use (see Learn More for tips).

Through the hotline:

  • Injured employees and their supervisors receive immediate access to medical professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Nurses provide sound clinical decisions about when first aid is appropriate and when medical referrals are necessary.
  • Prompt reporting of injuries is made to all designated recipients, including MCIT, to begin the claim process.

The service is for employees who are injured on the job, not for clients or visitors to a member’s facility, nor is the hotline to be used for injuries employees sustain that are not work related.

How It Works

When a workplace injury occurs:

  1. Supervisor and employee call the toll-free hotline at 1.833.523.0277. The employee should call the hotline even if the supervisor is unavailable. If the injury is life-threatening, call 911 immediately; do not call the hotline.
  2. After a short digital message, the supervisor and employee talk to a registered nurse. He or she gathers information about the injury.
  3. Treatment is recommended: self-care instructions or referral for medical treatment.
  4. Medcor sends a report of the incident to MCIT after the call. This serves as the first report of injury to begin the workers’ compensation claim process. The report is also sent to the member organization.

Note: If the injured employee seeks medical care before placing a call to the hotline, members should not call the service. Rather, the incident should be reported to MCIT through the online member portal available at

Learn More

This workplace injury hotline is available to use now. MCIT provides these materials  to help staff learn more and get the word out:

  • Workplace Injury Hotline User Guide
  • Quick Take on Safety training script and employee handout
  • Video tutorial
  • Wall poster
  • Magnets (e-mail to order)

Members should contact MCIT at 1.866.547.6516 or with questions about this service or check the frequently asked questions.

Questions related to any specific employee injury care recommendation should be referred back to the workplace injury hotline.

Sufficiently Stock First-aid Kits

First Aid Station sign on wall above a wall-mounted first-aid kit

With the use of the workplace injury hotline, the nurse may recommend self-care for workplace injuries rather than seeking treatment from a health care provider. Given this, it is important for members adequately to supply first-aid kits and to remind employees about where kits are located throughout their facilities.

Supply Recommendations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that first-aid kits be stocked to address the hazards of the workplace. Specific contents are not addressed by OSHA with the exception of first-aid kits regarding logging or chainsaw usage. MCIT lists recommended first-aid kit contents in the loss control best practices guides for public works, solid waste management and facility management available at

In first-aid kits, employers should verify the following:

  • Contents of kits address the hazards expected in that specific work area.
  • Items are not beyond their printed expiration dates.
  • Adhesive bandages or other items have intact adhesive or packaging.
  • If provided, medications, such as common painkillers, are included in single dose, tamper-evident packaging with directions for use. Medications with adverse side effects, such as drowsiness, are not recommended to be included in first-aid kits in the workplace.

Review First-aid Certifications

In addition, employers should review the staff’s current first-aid certifications to know who is qualified to offer aid in the event of an injury. Further trainings may be necessary to update certifications and skills. The American Heart Association, Red Cross or National Safety Council can address questions regarding first-aid certification.

As always if an individual(s) is in need of immediate medical assistance, call 911 right away and ensure the affected person(s) receive necessary medical attention.