Step Wisely Winter 2018-’19 Items Released

October 01, 2018
It's Hard to See Through Tears Step Wisely poster thumbnail
Step Wisely winter 2018-’19 materials alert employees to seasonal slip, trip and fall hazards using emojis and a bit of humor.

New Step Wisely winter slip, trip and fall prevention no-cost materials were recently released that highlight seasonal hazards and how employees and visitors can avoid injury. The new designs use emojis to tell the safety story with humor and eye-catching images.

Annually slips, trips and falls represent a large number and significant cost of claims for MCIT and its members:

• Such claims cost MCIT members $2.4 million each year on average.
• Slips and falls account for about 23 percent of member-reported workers’ compensation claims and 32 percent of the costs.
• For all general liability claims reported to MCIT, slips, trips and falls represent 36 percent of claims and 24 percent of costs.

Before the snow falls is the time for members to plan how they will use the materials to the greatest effect. Step Wisely includes display items, employee training materials and facility safety tools all at no cost to members. One of the keys to success is to use a variety of formats to share messages with employees and to put tips in front of employees frequently.

Set a Step Wisely Strategy

Members are encouraged to set a schedule for using Step Wisely winter materials. This keeps staff thinking about and recognizing hazards throughout the winter.

An example of a multiprong campaign:

  • Launch the campaign with employees at a large group meeting. Kick off the gathering with the new game (see sidebar). The light-hearted emoji puzzles help get employees thinking about slip, trip and fall prevention.
  • Use one poster and table tent design at a time and just for a few weeks to prevent the message from fading into the background. When a new design is posted, employees will notice the change and take a moment to review the message.
  • Between poster swaps, distribute the corresponding mini flier, e-mail and animated video to staff.
  • Team leaders periodically review the Quick Take on Safety training scripts and handouts with their direct reports. These take about five minutes to review with employees and reinforce safety behaviors highlighted in Step Wisely display materials with more detail.

There is no one way members can use the Step Wisely materials. They are developed so that members can be creative with them to best fit the organization’s needs and circumstances.

Easy Access to Materials

A starter packet of winter 2018-’19 materials was recently sent to county safety contacts. All members can access Step Wisely materials through the MCIT website at (must log in first). Members can also request that select items be sent to them by submitting an order form (available on the website) to

MCIT loss control consultants will be meeting with county members to discuss ways to help prevent slip, trip and fall accidents, particularly how to get the most out of the Step Wisely materials. All members can contact their MCIT loss control consultant toll-free at 1.866.547.6516 to learn more about how they can help prevent slip, trip and fall accidents and reduce other workplace hazards.

New and Updated Materials for Winter

For winter 2018-’19, MCIT has created four new designs for display materials, added features and updated training items. All Step Wisely materials are available for members to download at no cost from

  • NEW Animated videos: Less-than-a-minute animated videos illustrate a slip and fall situation and offer tips to avoid injury. Every few weeks, post a new video to the intranet or e-mail to staff. Or you could use these to perk up employee training sessions.
  • NEW Game: Be clever with this. Some ideas: use as an employee contest, small group training activity, leave in break rooms for individuals to complete on their own.
  • Wall posters: Display in high-traffic areas, especially near exits.
  • Table tents: Place these in break rooms, waiting rooms, service counters, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Mini fliers: Add them to payroll statements, hand out and review at staff meetings, distribute in staff mailboxes, post to the organization’s intranet. Get creative with these.
  • E-mails: Send to staff throughout the winter to build awareness.
  • UPDATED Quick Take on Safety: Mini training scripts for periodic use with small teams to remind employees about safety and to identify specific safety concerns and solutions for the group. These have been updated with more safety tips and include handouts for employees.
  • UPDATED Power Point: Use as-is, break into mini sessions or customize for your needs to inform co-workers about workplace slip, trip and fall hazards and steps they can take to avoid injury.
  • UPDATED Handbook: Geared toward employers and facility managers, the handbook identifies common workplace hazards and provides practical solutions and strategies to manage them.
  • Resource articles and checklist: These provide strategies for managing claims and mitigating hazards. The checklist is a ready-to-use tool to assess properties for slip, trip and fall hazards.