Tick Season Is Here

May 15, 2018

Take Steps to Keep Employees Healthy

Employees who work outside may be exposed to ticks that may carry disease, such as Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that if left untreated can spread to joints, the heart and nervous system. Since 2000, the number of cases reported in Minnesota has been increasing according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

The risks associated with tick bites can be managed effectively with tick bite prevention, careful identification and removal best practices, and seeking medical diagnosis and treatment early if symptoms develop

Train Staff for Effective Prevention

The Quick Take on Safety: Tick Bite Prevention is a mini training session that supervisors can conduct with their employees. It reviews:

  • tick hazards
  • easy steps to help prevent tick bites
  • tick identification
  • tick removal best practices and health care

The Resource Stop Tick Bites to Prevent Lyme Disease provides more information about the disease and prevention.

Additional free resources for tick bite awareness and prevention are available from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Items include tick identification cards, posters and brochures.

Learn More

For more information about safety best practices, contact your MCIT loss control consultant.