Don’t Be Dino-SORE: Type Like a T-rex

June 27, 2022

Type Like a T-rex popup sits next to a laptop that shows the Type Like a T-rex video streamingThe new Type Like a T-rex campaign developed by MCIT highlights three easy steps that employees can follow to position themselves correctly while using a computer. When an employee’s workstation is arranged properly, individuals are more comfortable, less likely to be injured and are more productive.

No-cost Materials

Type Like a T-rex materials are provided at no cost to MCIT members as part of the Work Wisely program and include:

  • Fun video: Embed on the organization’s intranet, provide a link to staff or play it during a team meeting
  • Wall poster: Hang near computer workstations and in high-traffic areas
  • Popup handout: Pass out at team meetings or place at workstations to greet staff when they arrive for the day
  • Jpeg image: Use in a variety of ways, such as in an e-mail to staff, on your organization’s intranet, in the employee newsletter, etc.

Members should consider introducing the concept during a staff meeting by playing the short video and distributing the popup handout. Follow up with e-mails and postings to the intranet and hanging posters around the office.

These materials can be used in conjunction with the “Your Guide: A Comfortable Workstation” pamphlet. It provides further ways to set up a computer work area for optimal comfort.

Get Materials Now

Members can connect with their MCIT loss control consultant for more ergonomics information or ways to support a positive safety culture at 1.866.547.6516.