Workers’ Compensation Enhancement: Telephonic Workplace Injury Triage Coming Soon

March 04, 2020

Nurse on phone call smiling to cameraStudies have shown that the day of injury is the most critical point at which positively to influence medical care, claim costs, return to work outcome and employee satisfaction for work-related injuries. Because MCIT recognizes the importance of an employee’s receiving prompt, convenient and appropriate medical attention when he or she sustains an injury at work, the Trust is introducing a telephonic workplace injury triage service later this spring.

Determining Appropriate Care Is a Challenge for Supervisors

Responding to injuries in the workplace can be equally challenging for an injured worker and his or her supervisor:
Employees who work alone, at a small site, nontraditional business hours or remote locations may have limited access to immediate medical assistance in the event of an injury.

Supervisors who respond to injuries often lack proper medical training or experience to determine the seriousness of the injury and the appropriate response.

Minor injuries, such as strains and sprains, that would respond favorably to on-site first aid are often referred off site for care, which is more expensive and time consuming but not more effective.

Triage Service Removes Barrier to Prompt Care

To remove barriers to prompt and appropriate care for injured workers, MCIT has contracted with Medcor to provide a telephonic injury triage service. By calling a dedicated hot line for MCIT, the injured employee and supervisor have immediate access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to a nurse who recommends the appropriate care for the injury, whether it be first aid or a medical referral.

After the call, the nurse submits a report to MCIT, which acts as the first report of injury and begins the claim handling process.

Injured workers who choose to self-treat can call back for further advice if their conditions change or worsen.

With the knowledgeable intervention of a trained registered nurse at the time of injury, the injured employee obtains needed and appropriate medical treatments sooner than with the current system. This often means a quicker and better recovery while avoiding unnecessary and costly emergency room visits.

This service is not designed to deal with an emergency or to provide advice if the injured employee has already received medical attention.

As the activation date approaches for telephonic injury triage, the hot line number, information and educational materials will be provided to share with all supervisors and employees.