Weather-related Events

thunderstorm at night showing lightningResources to Help Manage Weather-related Events

Minnesota can experience severe weather and its resulting damage. MCIT has developed a list of resources to address several frequently asked questions.

Vehicle or Property Loss

Members should contact MCIT as soon as possible to file a claim if vehicles or property covered by MCIT have been damaged or destroyed.

In the event of a property loss:

  • Retain damaged property so it can be inspected by a claims representative and photograph or videotape conditions if possible.
  • Check for structural damage in the foundation, walls, etc. before entering a building. Do not enter a building if it could collapse.
  • Use caution when walking around or assisting in clean up. Wear proper protective equipment and watch for debris, including sharp objects, nails and broken glass.

Members should refer to the Reporting to MCIT page for more information about reporting property claims.

Employee and Volunteer Injuries

Be sure volunteers are registered and under your direction and control. If employee or volunteer injuries occur, complete the First Report of Injury form.

Contact MCIT with Specific Questions

Information about coverage as it relates to a specific entity or location can be obtained by contacting the entity’s MCIT risk management consultant.

MCIT Resources Assist Counties in Recovery Process