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June 2019 | PDF | Uploaded in:
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Property/casualty or workers’ compensation coverage responds to slip and fall claims, depending on who is injured. It is important for members to understand the liabilities, responsibilities and potential defenses involved in slip and fall claims in a parking lot and sidewalk.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
As the public’s interest in government operations grows, questions regarding the merits of audio or video recording board meetings often arise. The decision to record open meetings is a policy decision to be made by the public entity’s governing board. Although there may be benefits to recording the meeting’s discussions, policymakers should make this decision understanding that doing so may obligate the entity to additional requirements.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
When considering engaging an expert to evaluate the security of public facilities, an organization should evaluate the impact of that assessment on the organization's liability.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
Any not public data that has been scanned, copied or faxed by a member’s copy machine may be stored on a copy machine’s hard drive and is thus subject to the Data Practices Act. It is, therefore, important that all government entities take reasonable steps to protect that private data.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
Minnesota Open Meeting Law related to using Internet video calling to connect out-of-town officials to an open meeting.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
Examines how to determine whether the Open Meeting Law applies if a quorum of board members eats lunch together.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
The Minnesota Open Meeting Law applies to SWCDs. As such, many SWCDs have questions about this sometimes complex law. This article addresses the general information SWCDs need to know about the Open Meeting Law: purpose of the Open Meeting Law, application of the law, authority to close open meetings, penalties for violating the Open Meeting Law, coverage for claims alleging violation of the Open Meeting Law.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
Questions may arise whether a government entity may provide copies of the copyrighted data classified as public data in response to a data request pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA). The answer is, it depends.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
Minnesota permit-to-carry law and the ability of public entities to prohibit handguns and other firearms on their premises, particularly courthouses.