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10 Risk Exposures of Law Enforcement Vehicle Use

Vehicle Use Poses High Risk for Sheriffs’ Offices

Law enforcement vehicle use is one of several potential high hazard aspects of this area. The demands placed on sheriff’s offices require the use of a variety of vehicles. In addition to regular patrol cars, sheriff’s offices utilize tactical response vehicles, transport vans, boats, ATVs and even snowmobiles to accomplish their missions. Just as varied is the equipment placed within each vehicle. To protect this property and the employees that use it, procedures intended to reduce the risk of personal injury or loss of use of the equipment should be in place.

Best Practices to Reduce Losses

The “10 Risk Exposures of Law Enforcement Vehicle Use” is a toolkit that identifies each exposure and offers recommendations and additional resources to help prevent losses related to people and property. Additionally, tips are provided on how to work with Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT), the county’s coverage provider, to help expedite claims when they arise.

This resource is provided as a tool to reduce the frequency and severity of claims specific to law enforcement and to help reduce the adverse consequences when employees and equipment are injured or damaged. Good risk prevention measures can lead to fewer claims and, therefore, less contribution required from members, as well as an increased potential for dividends.

This resource does not cover defensive driving or specific policies and procedures related to vehicle use.