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April 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Conducting employee accident and injury investigations as soon as accidents or injuries are reported is a necessary part of determining compensability under the Workers’ Compensation Act. As part of the Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust’s continuing efforts to prevent and mitigate such claims, this Resource outlines the rationale for initiating an investigation, how to conduct an investigation and how to comply with data practices laws.
March 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
A comprehensive accident investigation program is an important part of any safety policy. It helps to identify trends and areas where safety efforts may need to be strengthened. Minnesota OSHA requires employers to develop a workplace accident and injury reduction (AWAIR) program. One of the components of AWAIR is developing a plan to determine how workplace accidents will be investigated and what corrective action will be implemented.
January 2016 | Article | Uploaded in:
Individual privacy and accident investigations can conflict when individual private data is shared with safety committee investigating a workplace accident.
June 2015 | MS Word | Uploaded in:
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June 2015 | PDF | Uploaded in:
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