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58 Articles found | Bulletin newsletter
July 2018 | PDF | Uploaded in:
 Bulletin, July 2018 edition articles: MCIT Announces $11.75 Million Dividend; 'Sidestep Risks When Conducting SWCD Business'; Balancing Free Speech in the Workplace During Election Years; Coverage for Electronic Voting Equipment; Avoid Injury When Moving Voting Equipment; U.S. Supreme Court Strike Down Apparel Rules at Polls; New PTSD Law Reminds Us of Need to Address Employees' Mental Health; New Workers' Compensation Representative Hired; and Recognizing Member' Safety Achievements
April 2018 | PDF | Uploaded in:
May and June 2018 Bulletin articles: Employee Assistance Program: Value Continues for Employees, Employers; New Underwriting Technician Joins MCIT; Attorney-client Privilege May be Unintentionally Waived; Videos Explain MGDPA, Open Meeting Law; Telecommuting: Address Safety, Liability of Home-based Workers; FLSA Implications for Flexed or Compressed Schedules
April 2018 | PDF | Uploaded in:
March and April 2018 Bulletin articles: The Post-Weinstein World: 4 Steps to Managing Sexual Harassment; Understanding Scheduled Property Coverage; Individual's Right to Service Animal in Public Service Versus Employment Setting; Training for County Attorneys: "Data Practices: A Deeper Dive into Muddy Waters"; "Managing the Human Resource": May 9-10
January 2018 | Article | Uploaded in:
February 2018 Bulletin articles: Board Holds 2018 Organizational Meeting; Glass Replacement Options for Scheduled Autos; Medical Payments Coverage; MCIT Welcomes New Claims Representative; We All Have a Role to Play in Reducing Opioid Use, Abuse in Homes, Workplaces; Open Meeting Law Case Appealed to Minnesota Supreme Court; “Law Enforcement Liability: Tackling Workforce Issues;” and You Should Care About Spoliation of Evidence
December 2017 | PDF | Uploaded in:
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November 2017 | PDF | Uploaded in:
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November 2017 | PDF | Uploaded in:
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August 2017 | PDF | Uploaded in:
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August 2017 | PDF | Uploaded in:
MCIT Bulletin, August 2017 articles: MCIT Board Announces Rate Reductions for 2018; Resilience II: Tips, Techniques for Tough Situations; "Managing Law Enforcement Liability Risks"; Does the Open Meeting Law Apply to Works Sessions of Elected Boards?; "Navigating Key Land Use Issues", "Balancing Leadership and Risks While Serving the Public"; Short Online Tutorials for Risk Management, Safety Topics; and Reduce Hazards of Cleaning Chemicals
June 2017 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Articles include: MCIT Announces 2017 Dividend; MCIT's Best Practices Guides Recognized Nationally; MCIT Training Events Coming in August, September; Risks of Using Volunteers for Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events; New EAP Materials Now Available to Promote Helpful Services to Employees; Can Employees Volunteer for Their Public Employer?; and Recognizing Members’ Safety Achievements