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46 Articles found | Bulletin newsletter
March 2021 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Articles in March/April 2021 Bulletin: MCIT Welcomes New Board Members; Board Leadership Changes for 2021; Act Ethically, Manage Conflicts of Interest; Turn in 2021 EDP Inventory by April 30; Watch Coverage Update; Minnesota Supreme Court Decision May Require Personnel Policy Revisions; Minnesota Government Data Practices Act: Discussing Personnel Issues; Municipalities Required to Defend, Indemnify Employees, Officials; Resources Guide Members Through Managing Risks; Department Tool Box Talks Benefit Staff; Reduce Slips, Falls from Large Equipment; Posting Employment Notices Electronically; and Chain Saw Use and OSHA Compliance
March 2021 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Articles in the January/February 2021 Bulletin: New Format for Annual Meeting; Excellence in Risk Management Recognized; Hubbard County Coordinator Hired as Director of Claims; Webinars Detail Important Coverage Changes for 2021; FAQs: Workplace Injury Hotline; Risks of Using Personal E-mail for Government Business; Copyright Infringement and Images Found on the Internet; Safety Audits Offer More than Finding Hazards; CONFIDE Serves Commissioners; and Public Employees Liability Coverage for Elected Officials
January 2021 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Bulletin December 2020 articles include: 2021 Reinsurance: Light at End of Tunnel Is Not the Train Coming; MCIT Conducts Annual Meeting Online; Remember to Provide Temporary Prescription Forms to Injured Employees; View Workshop Recordings; Store Flammable Products Safely; Coverage Changes for 2021; Webinars Offer More Details About Coverage; and Employee Health and Privacy Issues in Age of COVID-19
January 2021 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Bulletin, November 2020 articles: Together but Apart: MCIT Annual Meeting Goes Virtual; DLI's New Online Workers' Compensation System Has No Impact on MCIT Members; David Hoffman Returns to MCIT Team; EAP Now Offers More Counseling Sessions for Users; Health Insurance Coverage for Officers Injured in the Line of Duty; Work Wisely Campaign Helps Members Build Positive Safety Culture; Step Wisely 202: P.A.W.S. for Safety; Safety Culture Corner: Focus on Communication; and Minnesota Government Data Practices Act: Managing Standing Data Requests
January 2021 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Bulletin, August 2020 articles: Week of Virtual Risk Management Workshops Coming in October; Build Positive Safety Culture to Increase Safety, Reduce Costs; New Guide Helps Reduce Risks of Vehicle Operations; EAP Supports Law Enforcement's Unique Circumstances; Builder's Risk: Coverage for Property Construction Projects; Decision Signals Change in Way Courts May View Harassment Claims; and Members Must Report Severe Workplace Injuries to MNOSHA, DLI, Not Just MCIT
August 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Bulletin August 2020 articles: 2021 Coverage Rates Reflect Past Loss Experience; Video Series Highlights EAP's Features; 2020 Risk Management Workshops to Be Virtual; Online Training Meets Law Enforcement Needs During Pandemic; MCIT Offers Virtual Safety Training; Boost Employee Engagement During and After Work-at-home Period; and Safety Culture Corner: Recognize Safety Champions
June 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
July 2020 Bulletin articles: Good News: Members to Receive Dividend; MCIT's Data Security Guide Wins Award; Start Using Workplace Injury Hotline Now; First Amendment Considerations for  Managing Social Media Accounts; Guide t Reducing Risks, Injuries in Food Service; MCIT Seminars Canceled; Hold Important Meetings Virtually; and Permitted Inquiries and Protections for High Risk Workers Under the ADA
May 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Bulletin May/June 2020 articles: MCIT Makes Adjustments During Pandemic; Workers' Compensation: New Temporary COVID-19 Presumption; Boiler, Pressure Vessel Inspections Temporarily Suspended; Open Meeting Law Amended for Flexibility During Pandemic; Families First Coronavirus Response Act Resources; EAP Offers Support for Employees During Pandemic; Defending Tough Budget Decisions; Always-listening Devices Pose Data Security Risk; Safety Culture Corner: Strong Safety Committee Makes Joint Effort to Improve; and Ready-to-send E-mails Help Build Positive Safety Culture
May 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
The Bulletin COVID-19 Special Edition (April 2020) articles: MCIT Commits to Providing Critical Member Services During COVID-19 Pandemic; Workers' Compensation for COVID-19 Explained; Federal Government Provides Emergency Sick Leave; Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act; Telecommuting: Address Safety, Liability of Home-based Workers; Safety Self-audit for Telecommuting; Land Use Decisions, Public Hearings During Health Emergency; and Data Practices, Open Meeting Requirements During Emergency
March 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Bulletin March/April 2020 articles: MCIT Secures Property Reinsurance for Waste-to-energy Operations; Aitkin County Auditor Joins MCIT Board; Due April 30: 2020 EDP Inventory; MCIT Consultants Are Coming to You; MCIT Welcomes Familiar Face in New Role; Program Provides Consultation, Counseling for Elected Leaders; Workers' Compensation Enhancement: Telephonic Workplace Injury Triage Coming Soon; Careful Planning Required: SWCD Equipment Rental Programs; and Managing Risks of Drone Usage