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53 Articles found | Coverage
October 2021 | PDF | Uploaded in:
MCIT’s property coverage, like a person’s homeowners and auto policies, is a specific, detailed document. It contains many sections and provisions including definitions, conditions, endorsements, limitations of coverage, extensions of coverage, limits and sublimits of coverage, exclusions and sometimes exceptions to exclusions. It can be complicated, and members who understand their property coverage will be better able to prepare, plan for and respond to a loss from a weather-related event, as well as minimize the disruption and uncertainty that can occur after a loss.
September 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Before MCIT members respond to request for help with state or federal declared disasters, it is important for them to understand how coverage applies to their role in relief activities. This article provides an analysis of property, liability (a.k.a. casualty) and workers’ compensation coverage provided by MCIT.
September 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Over the years, members have expressed concerns about foster care insurance requirements for providers. In the past it was difficult, if not impossible, to find foster care insurance for providers that met the tort cap requirements that MCIT typically recommends. The Minnesota Department of Human Services purchases a foster care insurance policy for each licensed foster care provider in the state. The article discusses this coverage.
June 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
MCIT provides coverage for the authorized activities of law enforcement personnel when faced with situations where they must act in their official capacity as law enforcement officers. Whether coverage applies when officers are working another job outside of their full-time jobs ( “moonlighting”) depends on the activities that created the basis for the claim.
June 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Although financial reimbursement can help alleviate some of the costs resulting from severe property damage, many of the expenses are more difficult to identify. Lost time, disruption in services and employee stress often cannot be rectified with financial reimbursement. As a result, it is important to follow best practices to prevent or mitigate property losses. It is important for staff to check how the organization is doing with the following key items.
May 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Examines MCIT flood coverage endorsement, its limits and coverage application. Also address National Flood Insurance Program and risk management advice for mitigating flood damage.
May 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Valuable papers and records need to be protected. This article discusses what valuable papers and records are, MCIT coverage for valuable papers and records, coverage limits and how members can protect these documents.
May 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Insurance comes in two forms—occurrence and claims made. The form of a contractor's insurance can have a significant impact on how, or even if, a contractor’s coverage will apply when a loss occurs. This often confusing aspect of insurance coverage sparks frequent questions from members, which MCIT answers here.
April 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
No two historical societies have identical pieces of history to preserve, and each must decide the best way to cover property to meet their specific needs. MCIT encourages members to discuss coverage options with their MCIT risk management consultant as some of their particular circumstances may not be addressed in this general discussion.
March 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
There are a host of items to check off in preparation for a public building project. One is ensuring that contractors provide valid bonds for construction projects.