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247 Articles found | Law Enforcement
February 2023 | Article | Uploaded in:
Explains how the Open Meeting Law for committees whose membership consists of less than a quorum of the board.
February 2023 | PDF | Uploaded in:
This Resource examines aspects of the Open Meeting Law that expose public entities to risk, provides suggestions for managing those risks and explains MCIT coverage.
February 2023 | PDF | Uploaded in:
This model joint powers agreement to establish a joint powers entity has been developed by Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust. MCIT provides this model to its members as a recommended form to follow when establishing a joint powers entity. This is only a recommendation and does not constitute legal advice.
February 2023 | Article | Uploaded in:
Most of MCIT property coverage is written on a replacement cost basis. This article explores how replacement cost coverage is applied to claim situations., the importance of accurate property values and up-to-date property schedules.
January 2023 | PDF | Uploaded in:
MCIT’s property coverage, like a person’s homeowners and auto policies, is a specific, detailed document. It contains many sections and provisions including definitions, conditions, endorsements, limitations of coverage, extensions of coverage, limits and sublimits of coverage, exclusions and sometimes exceptions to exclusions. It can be complicated, and members who understand their property coverage will be better able to prepare, plan for and respond to a loss from a weather-related event, as well as minimize the disruption and uncertainty that can occur after a loss.
January 2023 | Article | Uploaded in:
MCIT coverage applies to property and equipment owned by the member when it is included on the property or inland marine schedule. What is less well understood is how MCIT coverage applies to property owned by others while on a member’s premises.
January 2023 | Article | Uploaded in:
MCIT's inland marine coverage includes a line for miscellaneous personal property that covers physical damage as a result of a covered loss for scheduled portable items not appropriately covered under contents, contractor's equipment or electronic data processing equipment.
January 2023 | Article | Uploaded in:
Medical payments coverage is intended to provide an injured party an alternative to costly and time-consuming litigation by relieving them of expenses not covered by their health insurance as MCIT’s coverage is primary. This coverage is typically used to reimburse the injured party for out-of-pocket expenses, such as lost wages, deductibles and co-pays. MCIT makes these payments regardless of fault.
January 2023 | Article | Uploaded in:
Valuable papers and records need to be protected. This article discusses what valuable papers and records are, MCIT coverage for valuable papers and records, coverage limits and how members can protect these documents.
January 2023 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Understanding the potential risks involved in a contract with an independent contractor and effectively transferring those risks should be an important part of each member’s risk management procedures. Knowing what the insurance language in the contract means is one means to doing this.