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MCIT’s Data Reporting Cycle: Know Your Responsibilities

Cover image of "MCIT's Data Reporting Cycle"When members understand MCIT’s data reporting cycle—the types of information MCIT requests and when that data is required—the process is easier, less time consuming and more accurate for both the member and MCIT.

MCIT uses the requested information to determine appropriate contribution amounts and to ensure that members are in the best position to have coverage available for their property, vehicles and equipment. MCIT in turn provides key information to members so they can prepare their budgets in time for the Truth in Taxation deadline for the preliminary levy in September (as applies).

Members receive a formal request with detailed submission instructions for each type of data.

Month-by-month Data Reporting Guide

The below PDF includes a month-by-month guide to key data reporting requests and MCIT decisions:

  • Annual contribution deadline
  • Payroll estimate and actual data
  • Liability risk assessment
  • Electronic data processing (EDP) equipment inventory
  • Automobile audit
  • Dividend decision and distribution
  • Coverage rates decision
  • Coverage changes decision