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311 Articles found | Law Enforcement
May 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Public entities throughout the state of Minnesota may soon be facing operational and budget uncertainties due to COVID-19. As expected revenues for local public entities decreases, municipalities will be defending tough budget decisions. Here's tips on how to do that.
April 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
What does “actual cash value” really mean? It means that at the time of the loss, payment is based on the depreciated value or current market value of the scheduled item. In other words, the member replaces what it had with what it had, not a brand new version of it.
April 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Understanding the potential risks involved in a contract with an independent contractor and effectively transferring those risks should be an important part of each member’s risk management procedures. Knowing what the insurance language in the contract means is one means to doing this.
April 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
When an organization shares a vehicle or equipment with another entity or borrows an auto or equipment from another party, it is important that the each party understands who is responsible for the vehicle or equipment and how coverage applies for shared and borrowed autos and equipment.
April 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
How coverage will apply to a loss when it involves an employee’s use of member-owned property or equipment for personal reasons.
April 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
MCIT coverage applies to property and equipment owned by the member when it is included on the property or inland marine schedule. What is less well understood is how MCIT coverage applies to property owned by others while on a member’s premises.
April 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
MCIT's inland marine coverage includes a line for miscellaneous personal property that covers physical damage as a result of a covered loss for scheduled portable items not appropriately covered under contents, contractor's equipment or electronic data processing equipment.
April 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Medical payments coverage is intended to provide an injured party an alternative to costly and time-consuming litigation by relieving them of expenses not covered by their health insurance as MCIT’s coverage is primary. This coverage is typically used to reimburse the injured party for out-of-pocket expenses, such as lost wages, deductibles and co-pays. MCIT makes these payments regardless of fault.
April 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Following ergonomic techniques while in the car can help reduce strain on muscles and bones and helps prevent injury. This article provides best practices to follow before driving, while driving, entering and exiting vehicles and while working in a car.
April 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Advances in vaccinations, screening and antibiotics have made tuberculosis a relatively rare disease in the United States. However, with the recent outbreak and past occurrences in correctional facilities, members are encouraged to review their disease control policies and procedures, and update them as necessary to maintain the safety and health of employees, inmates and the public.