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41 Articles found | Workers' Compensation
February 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
An employee who has been injured or becomes ill due to a work-related incident should be given a temporary prescription form from the workers' compensation carriers pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) when he or she reports the injury/illness. 
October 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
Guidance on the workers' compensation claim handling process and some of the most common terms used in managing a work-related injury or illness.
June 2019 | Article | Uploaded in:
Property/casualty or workers’ compensation coverage responds to slip and fall claims, depending on who is injured. It is important for members to understand the liabilities, responsibilities and potential defenses involved in slip and fall claims in a parking lot and sidewalk.
September 2018 | PDF | Uploaded in:
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August 2018 | Article | Uploaded in:
Workers' compensation lost time benefits may be supplemented with accumulated benefits, such as sick or vacation paid time, but it requires the employer to issue a check for the accumulated benefits separate from the workers' compensation benefit check issued by MCIT.
August 2018 | Article | Uploaded in:
Prompt reporting leads to a quicker resolution of the claim, thus making the member whole by restoring it to its pre-loss condition. However, self-interest is just one of many reasons a claim should be reported promptly. The member benefits in several ways from prompt claim reporting, but may suffer negative consequences if claim reporting is delayed.
June 2017 | Article | Uploaded in:
Many public employees have talents and skills beyond those required to perform their job duties. A public employer may want to take advantage of those talents and skills by offering volunteer opportunities to employees. But the question arises: Can employees volunteer for their public employer?
There are a few risk management issues public employers should consider, specifically related to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and workers’ compensation coverage.
January 2016 | Article | Uploaded in:
MCIT routinely receives requests from members for workers’ compensation claims data to help them develop required OSHA 300 logs. Although some data collected for workers' compensation purposes is also used for the completion of a 300 log, the following Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry article explains the reasons information records are different and separate documents.
January 2016 | Article | Uploaded in:
MCIT shares the article's information with members because frequently they are asked to enter into contracts that contain waiver of subrogation provisions. In most cases, MCIT asks members not to jeopardize the right to recover damages from a negligent party.
January 2016 | Article | Uploaded in:
It is important for members to understand the relationship of independent construction contractors and workers’ compensation and how to avoid being responsible for work injuries of contractors' employees.