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June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Discusses whether injuries sustained during participation in employer-sponsored health and wellness initiatives may trigger workers’ compensation coverage.
June 2015 | PDF | Uploaded in:
When exploring alternative energy options, it is important to understand the property and liability risks of alternative energy and their controls.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Explains how the Open Meeting Law for committees whose membership consists of less than a quorum of the board.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
The 2014 Minnesota Legislature modified the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, requiring that all entities provide notice, investigate and create reports for all data breaches. Not all violations of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act constitute a breach, however. Article explains circumstances that require a data breach notice.
June 2015 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Park and recreation areas, by virtue of the activities they attract, tend to foster claims against the municipalities that own them. Individuals injured while frequenting a member-owned park or recreation area may look to the member for payment of their damages. The defense of these claims involves the application of several common law and statutory defenses, including several immunities for park and recreation areas owned by public entities.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Risk management advice regarding driving privileges for foster children.
June 2015 | PDF | Uploaded in:
This Resource provides an overview of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13.The Act attempts to strike a balance between the dual public policy goals of government transparency and data privacy. The Act regulates all government data collected, created, received, maintained, disseminated or stored by public government entities (state agencies, political subdivisions or statewide systems), irrespective of the data’s physical form, storage, media or conditions of use. Centrally, the Act establishes a presumption that government data are publicly accessible, unless access is prohibited either by law or by a temporary data classification.
June 2015 | PDF | Uploaded in:
This is a sample checklist to use when an employee leaves your organization for any reason. It will help to ensure that the member does not forget to do something that should be done when an employee leaves.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Employers need to be aware of the child labor standards that apply to employees under the age of 18. There are penalties in the form of fines for failure to comply with child labor laws and misdemeanor charges for repeated violations.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
A “serious health condition” under the Family and Medical Leave Act may also constitute a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This often creates complications and questions for employers about whether an employee has a right to additional leave outside of the FMLA as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA.