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55 Articles found | Coverage
June 2015 | PDF | Uploaded in:
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June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
It is important for members to understand the exposures that accompany the use of volunteers for their organizations, how MCIT coverage may apply and how best to manage the risks unique to volunteers.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Because of the risks generally involved in hosting special events, such as rodeos, demolition derbies, amusement rides and racing, and the limited number of members that sponsor the events, MCIT typically does not cover the events. This article explains the coverage exclusions and provides risk management advice for such events.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Each participating member of MCIT has an obligation to fulfill certain responsibilities to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective operation of the organization. This obligation requires that each member designate an individual to function as its “primary contact for MCIT” and fulfill certain duties.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Over the past several years, MCIT members have had numerous losses due to frozen, cracked sprinkler piping, valves, fittings and sprinkler heads, some causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Measures to prevent water and other types of damage are presented.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Vehicle use presents some of the greatest risks faced by MCIT members and their employees. This article discusses basic coverage issues as it relates to personal vehicles used for business purposes.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
How coverage will apply to a loss when it involves an employee’s use of member-owned property or equipment for personal reasons.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Medical payments coverage is intended to provide an injured party an alternative to costly and time-consuming litigation by relieving them of expenses not covered by their health insurance as MCIT’s coverage is primary. This coverage is typically used to reimburse the injured party for out-of-pocket expenses, such as lost wages, deductibles and co-pays. MCIT makes these payments regardless of fault.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
MCIT garagekeepers comprehensive coverage provides protection when a member is legally liable for damages to an auto left in the member’s care (i.e., attending, parking or storing). Article explains coverage, exclusion, risk exposures and risk mangement advice.
June 2015 | Article | Uploaded in:
Examines MCIT flood coverage endorsement, its limits and coverage application. Also address National Flood Insurance Program and risk management advice for mitigating flood damage.