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April 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
An effective safety program requires everyone’s commitment in the organization, but different strategies can be used to achieve one. Although using vendors for workplace safety may be an option to supplement internal efforts, the ultimate responsibility for the organization’s safety program remains with the employer.
April 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Conducting employee accident and injury investigations as soon as accidents or injuries are reported is a necessary part of determining compensability under the Workers’ Compensation Act. As part of the Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust’s continuing efforts to prevent and mitigate such claims, this Resource outlines the rationale for initiating an investigation, how to conduct an investigation and how to comply with data practices laws.
March 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Employees performing work that includes cutting trees or branches, chipping branches or moving felled trees and logs are subject to the OSHA Logging Operation Standard 29 CFR 1910.266. Article explains the requirements of the standard, including safety practices for chain saw use.
March 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
There are a host of items to check off in preparation for a public building project. One is ensuring that contractors provide valid bonds for construction projects.
March 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Because of the risks generally involved in hosting special events, such as rodeos, demolition derbies, amusement rides and racing, and the limited number of members that sponsor the events, MCIT typically does not cover the events. This article explains the coverage exclusions and provides risk management advice for such events.
March 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Most of MCIT property coverage is written on a replacement cost basis. This article explores how replacement cost coverage is applied to claim situations., the importance of accurate property values and up-to-date property schedules.
March 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Law enforcement ride alongs have garnered questions about coverage from MCIT members. Members are concerned about some of the risks involved with permitting law enforcement ride alongs, how to manage that risk and how MCIT coverage applies.
March 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
Historically, employers have agreed to indemnify, defend and and hold an employee or official harmless for claims arising from acts performed while carrying out duties within the scope or at the direction of his or her employer. Indemnification ensures that the employee or official can act in good faith to perform his or her duties without the risk of being personally responsible for costs associated with defending his or her actions.
March 2021 | Article | Uploaded in:
One of the most misunderstood topics facing county officials is conflicts of interest. Officials also often confuse public sector ethics and conflict of interset, a subset of public sector ethics in genera. Conflict of interest does not refer to all those situations where there may be relationships between parties. Instead it refers to a specific situation where a public official has a personal financial interest in a matter.
February 2021 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Provides valuable information about the 10 most common questions and concerns from soil and water conservation districts regarding risk management.