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November 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
In recent years, Minnesota state legislators have enacted laws limiting or prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving, in particular banning texting while operating a vehicle. Whether prohibited by law or not, the use of mobile devices by employees while driving on the job poses several safety and legal risks for members. Members should consider policies and procedures to help reduce this risk to employees and the organization.
November 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Explains what Minnesota law says about responsibility when a windshield is broken due to flying debris, steps to take to minimize exposure and records to keep to aid in defending these liability property claims.
November 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
For standing data requests under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, government entities must, according to administrative guidance maintain systems to track the requestor and the request, make sure the individual is still interested in the data, and gather the data and make it available.
October 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
A positive safety culture places a high level of importance on safety and is shared by a majority of the people within the workplace. Safety culture can have a significant impact on an organization, either positive or negative, depending on the shared values, practices and attitudes about safety. The culture can influence productivity, morale, absenteeism, reputation and operational costs. Every MCIT member entity should strive for a sustainable, positive safety culture. Putting initiatives in place to encourage every employee to become an engaged safety advocate can reduce injuries, lower absenteeism and costs related to injuries, increase productivity and morale and help maintain a positive organizational reputation. This book provides simple-to-implement strategies to build and improve a positive safety culture within an organization.
October 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
Quick Takes are scripts that serve as short safety talks to remind staff about safe work practices. This Quick Take focuses on hazards of employee complacency toward safety and prevention methods. Supervisors typically give the Quick Take talks during regularly scheduled or informal meetings.
October 2020 | PDF | Uploaded in:
A well-designed employee assistance program takes an employee’s personal problems out of the workplace and appropriately places them in the office of a professional counselor who can provide assistance in resolving them. The result is reduced exposure to litigation and the employee’s return to work as a valuable participating member of the team. Article provides details about the MCIT EAP and how it can benefit members and their employees.
August 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Assumption of liability, sufficient liability limits and proper coverage should be three contract issues to watch when management reviews agreements.
August 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Many of us are attempting to manage organizations and departments with employees in alternate work environments. If we stop to think about the world right now, it often feels like we are living in an alternate universe! How do we connect with and support our employees? There is no doubt that working toward an engaged work force is more important than ever.
July 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Counties must follow a legally prescribed process to collect the unpaid taxes—a process that may take many years. It is important for members to understand how coverage may apply during the tax-forfeiture process and for tax-forfeited property.
July 2020 | Article | Uploaded in:
Frequently asked questions about bonds, specifically fidelity bonding requirements for Minnesota public officials, are answered. Includes information about MCIT's employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty bond.