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Property Schedule Self-assessment

Page 1 of the Property Schedules Self-assessmentMembers own  a variety of property to assist in the delivery of their services to the public. This property, including buildings, equipment and vehicles, represents a great deal of value and would be prohibitively expensive to replace in the event of a catastrophic loss if the member did not have it properly scheduled. The “Property Schedule Self-assessment” is a tool for members to use to help ensure that all of their property items that they want covered are properly scheduled with MCIT and for the appropriate value.

How to Use the Property Schedules Self-assessment

The “Property Schedules Self-assessment” asks yes-no questions and provides areas for comments and action items, as well as to whom the action items are assigned. It is key to assign action items to specific individuals or groups and for someone to be responsible for following up with the designees to make sure that corrective actions are implemented.

An organization may want to have administration and representatives from all departments complete the checklist collaboratively.

Learn More About Property Coverages and Valuations

No-cost MCIT resources offer more in-depth information to assist members in understanding property coverages and how to schedule items, including how to properly value those items.