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Quick Take on Safety: Navigating Slopes and Hills in Winter

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Quick Takes are scripts that serve as short safety talks to remind staff about safe work practices. This Quick Take focuses on slip, trip and fall exposures related to walking on slopes and hills in winter and prevention methods. Quick Takes help keep safety in the forefront of employees’ minds and demonstrate a commitment to safety on the part of the organization by improving safety culture. The Quick Take also offers an opportunity for employees to ask questions, discuss safety topics and develop solutions to specific hazards while encouraging communication.

Navigating Slopes and Hills in Winter Quick Take Training Overview and Objectives

  • Overview: Covers the hazards associated with walking along sloped walkways or hills in winter.
  • Purpose: Inform employees of hazards and best practices when walking up or down outdoor slopes in winter.
  • Preparation: Read and become familiar with this Quick Take. Change as needed to reflect procedures and personnel in your department.
  • Handout: Slopes and Hills—Quick Review of Safety

Supervisors typically give the Quick Take talks during regularly scheduled or informal meetings. To improve their effectiveness as a training tool, all Quick Takes should be modified to reflect the needs and situations of your specific workplace. Quick Takes are not designed to take the place of regular formal training.