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Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Handbook

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Handbook Identifies Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards and Suggests Remedies for Them

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention handbook coverIn the past several years, injuries due to slip and fall incidents are in the top five of the most frequently reported workers’ compensation claims made by MCIT member employees. In addition, visitors can injure themselves on the same walking surfaces. These injuries can range from simple bruises to broken bones, dislocated joints and severe head and back injuries.

Given the prevalent number and significant costs of claims due to slips, trips and falls, MCIT has developed the Step Wisely program to assist members in developing and implementing strategies to prevent slip, trip and fall injuries. Although the emphasis of this information is to protect employees from work-related injuries, much of this information can also be used to prevent similar incidents involving the public visiting member buildings and facilities.

The handbook covers:

  • Weather-related hazards and prevention strategies
  • Walking surface irregularities
  • Stairs
  • Carpet, cords and more
  • Wet floors
  • Vehicles and equipment
  • Shop safety
  • Elevated work
  • Personal health