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Law Enforcement Training Injury Prevention Program

Cover image of "Law Enforcement Training Injury Prevention Program" guide book. Shows back of woman looking into an active training session while she wears a vest marked "training safety officer"
Download the Law Enforcement Training Safety Officer Program guide to learn how to get started.

The Training Injury Prevention Program helps reduce injuries to law enforcement personnel from training activities. The sheriff’s office and a designated safety officer work in tandem with the training instructor to provide a safer experience for the training session without compromising its effectiveness.

Implementing the training injury prevention program is ideal for training sessions that include a physical or practical application (i.e., a higher risk of injury to participants), such as use of force/defensive tactics, firearms training qualifications, active shooter exercises, and the like.

Training is a leading cause of preventable injury for law enforcement personnel among MCIT members, costing the program $264,000 on average per year in direct costs.

Training injuries can be attributed in part to the realism of sessions and scenario-based approaches to training. However, as training is conducted in a controlled environment, the Training Injury Prevention Program aims to build upon the controllable aspects of the training session to reduce the amount of injuries. 

Together the sheriff’s office, training safety officer and instructor work closely as a team to plan, set up, observe and review the training session with a focus toward safety while ensuring a valuable training experience.

The PDF is a guide for implementing a Training Injury Prevention Program.