Safety E-mails

Raise Safety Awareness with E-mail Messages

Safety committees can get a great deal of mileage out of these ready-to-go safety e-mails. Send a new e-mail to employees regularly (e.g., once a week) to help create safety awareness and a positive safety culture among employees. 

The e-mails are provided as jpeg images that should be viewable in most HTML-enabled e-mail systems.

How To Send the Files

  1. Left click on the message image below.
  2. Right click on the image and choose “Save image as.”  Chose the location of where to save the file on your computer.
  3. Open an e-mail message.
  4. Click the cursor in the body of the message.
  5. Choose “insert a picture/photo file” and navigate to the image you saved to your computer.
  6. Insert a “View in browser” link for recipients who may not be able to view images in e-mail messages. Create a hyperlink of the words “View in browser” to the URL address for the image you downloaded. This is the Web address on the page that opens when you click on the image below.
  7. Add text either above or below the image to customize it to your organization. For example, you may want to include information about whom an employee should contact with questions.
  8. Add a signature for the safety committee that includes the names of committee members.

Remember to use a catchy but relevant subject line for the e-mails to ensure employees open the messages.

E-mail Messages

New messages added: working in the heat, dog bite prevention, ladder safety and entering or exiting large vehicles.

Take precautions when working outside in the heat: text gives tips, images show signs of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat strokePrevent dog bites: text gives tips and images illustrate signs of presence of dogs on premises, aggressive dog behavior and using a soft object as target or dog to biteLadder safety: text gives tips for safe use of ladders and hazards to avoid. Images show proper and improper ladder set upSafely enter and exit large vehicles. Text gives tips on how to do this and images show right and wrong way to enter or exit a large vehicle.Remedy home work space hazards with diagrams of how to appropriately manage power cords Safe use of cleaning products includes text tips and diagrams on how to use cleaning chemicals safelyTake time to stretch during work with diagrams of stretches for arms, shoulders and backWork comfortably at home includes photos and tips for how to set up a workstation for proper ergonomicsTick Safety: text and images showing tick species in Minnesota, how to prevent tick bites and how to remove a tick